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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mr. Dependable--Hubby's January Valentine

It just CAN'T be the middle of January already.  All the sudden I realized that I haven't blogged in awhile and it was time for my hubby's January valentine.  Sorry I'm late honey!  (Believe me, he's not surprised!)

My dearest "E",

While thinking of what to write to you this month, two things crossed my mind.  One was that I was writing these for you, but not addressing them to you, so hence, the change in format.  (that's a computer term that you may or may not understand, but it's all good baby!)

The other thing that I thought of was how much your life has taught me valuable Biblical lessons.  Knowing something in my head, reading it in a book or even in scripture is good, but seeing it fleshed out really brings a truer understanding of the practical application of it in daily living and I am challenged to "step up" more in my Christian walk.

I was thinking about how dependable you are.  Now, we all know that when you are watching a gun show or reading a book, I could tell you to please turn off the stove when it beeps or the sky will fall and the world as we know it will end forever and you would say "okay".  And subsequently the beeper would beep and the sky would fall and the world, as we know it, would end.  But when it comes to doing the things that you, as a Godly man, have been commissioned by God to do, there's no equal. 

This month, being that this is always a lean month financially for us, made me see just how dependable you are in the area of providing.  I love that you have willingly laid down several lucrative opportunities to follow the call of God on your life.  I know that at times, you must think how different things could have been if you hadn't.  And even this month, you knew that we were going to come up really, really short, but you never said a word, except to God in prayer and somehow everything got paid AND we got groceries too! :-)  In all the years, through all the financial trials, God has never once failed to answer your faith with not just provision for the need, but extra as a blessing.  I trust in you and in the God you pray to.  And in a very large way, you have enabled that trust.  I know that God is my provider, but I'm so glad that He uses you to drive the delivery truck of those provisions most of the time.  I never worry that we won't have a place to live, food to eat, cars to drive because I know that you and God have this connection that makes sure all the provision for your family is in place.  And in a good way, I believe, I depend on you and that makes my life so much richer.  Just knowing that I can trust you without reserve is comforting to me.

I love that you work multiple jobs to provide even though it's exhausting for you.  I love that you notice when one of the children needs new shoes without me having to mention it.  I love that I can tell you of a need of something that needs fixed or something that needs replaced and you don't forget, but as soon as you have the money, it gets taken care of.  I love that you always put others before yourself even when it means that you may go without something that you need.  I love that when you say you will do something, you do it (as long as I don't ask you while you're watching a gun show or reading a book).  LOL!  I love that I can always know when I have a need or a question that the answer I get will be full of God's wisdom, mercy, and concern.  I love that you always treat me the same, that you don't hold any pettiness in your heart, and that you always look past what needs work in me to the work that God has already accomplished. 

I also realized something else.  Just as I love depending on and trusting you, you also look to me in the same way.   No, I don't supply finances, I know.  I like our arrangement of  you-make-it/I-spend-it.  But you do depend on me for other things like ironed shirts, meals on the table, computer skills, and eyesight when you forget your reading glasses.  And I realized too that need to "step up" to your level of dependability.  Of all things that I want you to be able to say about me, the most important is that you can say that your heart "trusts in me."

I may need to work on increasing my ironing frequency, but I just want you know that I'm on your side-totally.  Thank you for showing me faithfulness, in the flesh.  Because of it, it makes it so much easier to understand and expect faithfulness from God.  King David prayed and asked the Lord to make him the kind of man that when people looked at him that they would have a sense of awe and wonder of the God he served.  I feel that way about you.  You make God real to me in so many ways.  And from watching your life I'm even more convinced of His goodness.

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