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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Hubby=Goodness (December Valentine)

It's time for another valentine!  I love writing these because I love the subject that I'm writing about! 

When thinking of my hubby for this monthly valentine, one word just kept coming to my mind.  Goodness.  No matter how you slice him, dice him, boil him, press him, or test him, all you get is goodness.  His goodness has been a refuge of security and peace for our whole family through all the years of trials, tests, and tribulations.  It has been the starting point of all the joys, fun, and fond memories.  It has been a sure foundation under our feet.  He has made the scrapbook of our lives one full of goodness, even when times were hard or bad. 

Scripture instructs us to "taste and see that the Lord is good."  And for some bizarre reason, God has chosen to display himself through human vessels.  Just spending a little bit of time around my hubby will convince even the greatest skeptic that there is goodness in this world.  And if they take the time to listen, they will know that this goodness comes from the character and nature of God.   Truly he is one person in whom it is obvious that "the love of God has been shed abroad in his heart."

Through the years I have seen my husband maligned, slandered, mis-judged, falsely accused, mis-understood, maliciously attacked and pressed beyond what would break any other human being.  What came out?  Goodness.

In the times when our marriage was rough due to my own immaturity, unrealistic expectations, and unreasonable demands, how did my husband respond?  Goodness.

When he was wronged by employers which once left us destitute, how did he retaliate?  Goodness.

When he was wronged by those in the church who used him as a whipping boy to cover up their own lack of character and selfish ambition, how did he respond?  Goodness.

When ripped off by customers who refused to pay for services that they specifically asked for and who we could have taken to court, what did he do to them?  Goodness.

When he can be justified with withholding something from someone, he responds with goodness.

Even when he feels he's being used, he still responds with acts of kindness and goodness. 

I make him sound like he is perfect, but he's not.  No one is.  But even in his imperfections,  his mistakes, his bad moments, I know that at the very end of it all, there will be goodness because that's just who he is.  It's very easy to give him grace in those fleeting and few tough times because I remember all the grace and goodness he has extended to me and others through the years.

When I grow dissatisfied with something in life, I can always come around to thinking about the man the Lord has blessed me with and immediately all the dissatisfaction vanishes.  Maybe he's not rich financially, maybe he's not famous, maybe we have to work a little harder than others, maybe no one knows his name except those privileged enough to call him "friend", but one thing he is--he is a "good" man.  It has been said that there are few truly "good" people in the world, but if there were a list, my hubby would be at the very top. 

I pay attention to people.  I pay attention to the relationships they have with others.  And I often see things that make me sad.  Even in other ministers that I know.  And when asked the question "what one thing of this world would you ask God for if you were assured that He would grant that request?", I have to honestly say that after weighing all that is available to us as human beings in life, I would ask for one true friend and love.  I have that in my husband.  To me, he is larger than life.  I admire him, respect him and completely trust him in all things.  His life fills mine with goodness.

My husband truly has no concern for himself.  He considers others more important.  He has no concern for his life, what he will wear, where he will go, what he will become, how successful others will view him as, how important others make him feel.  And yet, he has a zest for life that is rarely visible in most people that you meet.  And every day, he makes me laugh and he warms my heart just by being himself.   His only concern is communicating a clear picture of the image and nature of the Lord whom he loves far more than his wife, his kids, his church family, or even himself.  And because of that....all you get when you deal with him is.....Goodness.

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  1. Hey there!
    Came across your blog. This is such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing about your husband. He sounds like a true man of God, and just a great person. Both of those are extremely rare in this world, and this really gives me hope. I am glad the Lord has blessed you with each other!