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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Country Girl

It was a beautiful fall day, a great day to be out in the country.  This is our country!  Isn't it beautiful?  Now you know why I love it here!

Since I home school daughter #2, it is up to me to get school photos taken every year.   So we headed out to where?  Well, to the country, of course!  Where else can a country girl go to have her photo taken?

We started by the water.  The sun was glistening off the water and her hair.

We moved to the covered bridge where she proceeded to get a little silly.

We did get some good shots too!

Then there was dog who decided that she wanted in the photo too.  They are a good match.  They both have the same color hair! LOL!

She sure loves that dog. And that dog sure loves her!  They're pretty much inseparable.

Unless, of course, there is a squirrel on the horizon!  She's scoping one out right now!

Then we walked back to the car to proceed to our next location.  There she is.  A country girl and her dog.  Makes a nice photo.  Makes a nice life.

We had lots of fun at the John Deere Dealer.  She is a John Deere fan.  She gets that from her Daddy.  Did I mention how good my hubby looks in a JD sweatshirt?  Oh, sorry!  Off subject...again!

Even the dog had a John Deere scarf on!  This made the JD dealer very happy--good advertisement.  However, he didn't offer to give me a good deal on my next piece of equipment.  Shucks!

We also visited an old church that had an interesting facade that I thought would make a nice background.  These bricks were what I was thinking of, but then I saw the bright red door!

The only frustration of the day was her hair! I must have said, "get your hair off your face!" at least a thousand times! I'm still having nightmares at night of mounds of hair covering my face and keeping me from seeing! Just kidding! The most scary thing that happens at our house at night is my snoring.

We ended up on top of the mountain that overlooks one of our many valleys.  She especially enjoyed the view!  I did too!  I think she meant the countryside.  I meant her!

On the way home, we passed by some silly dinosaurs that had been fashioned from scrap metal.  We were feeling a little punchy and very hungry by then and decided to stop and have some fun!

The photos could probably be better, but the day couldn't possibly be topped!

I love my country girl.

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  1. Your kids are very lucky to grow up out in the country, with a cute dog at that! That is like, the life I always dreamed of growing up. Still do actually! I still pray that someday (I'm 22 now) I will get to live out in God's beautiful masterpiece soaking up the countryside!