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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dedication Prayer

Here are some lyrics to a song that I wrote for a friend who graduated from a secular university.  Graduation from anything is a pivotol point in one's life and often determines which direction they choose to walk.  As a Christian, this is the direction I choose to walk. 
Lord, I give my life
To honor You
No higher goal
Can I pursue

Lord I pledge my all
To fulfill the call
And live a life that pleases you

When I think of what You've done for me
Of Your great love and generosity
My only thought is to fall on my knees
And praise the One who gave His life for me

So Lord, I take my place
With the ones who seek Your face
To see Your kingdom come on earth
And when the time has come
I want to hear You say "well done"
"You've been my good and faithful one"
This is my prayer to You, Oh Holy One

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