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Monday, November 8, 2010

More About the Birthday-As Promised

In September my youngest daughter had a birthday.  We don't celebrate extravagantly.  We just make sure that the one celebrating feels special.

This is the birthday girl.

 Birthdays would not be the same without All the siblings being present.  Her sister made sure she was there.

Gifts are opened.  Here are some beautiful stones from her Aunt.  Apparently my sister's real name and the word "banana" sounded really similar to my daughter when she was a toddler, thus the dubbing "Aunt Banana".  She asked me several years later, "who in the world would name their kid 'banana'?" 

This shirt was a big hit.  It's "country!" 
My daughter loves anything country!  I think this is mostly because the people who love her the most and treat her the best are country folk.  I have to agree with her that there is nothing like the raw, down-to-earth honesty and common sense of country folk.  Because of her fondness for all things country, we planted a garden this summer and became very familiar with her favorite store--tractor supply.
 The wrapping of the gifts is usually left up to those not celebrating which this year was my two sons.  I think they'll need a little more instruction before Christmas.

 I wish she would move her hair!!!!!!

This guy comes for the food!

Please keep an eye on the lower left hand corner.  That black thing is the hanger/clip off my daughter's new cowboy hat.  You WILL see this again.  No one can fault my kids for not being inventive!

 This was her gag gift.  You find all kinds of interesting things at Tractor Supply including "Monkey Butt Powder" and this!

 Notice, it does say that it contains no poop!  I would never give poop to my child!

 The main dish?  Cowboy Calazones created from "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" cookbook which was given to me as a gift but I haven't seen it since my daughter discovered it was "country."

Ladies and Gentleman!    Are you tired of eating chips and getting orange fingers?  Are you frustrated with those nasty orange and yellow stains on your shirts and jeans?  Well, we have the solution!  No more frustration.  Introducing the "Chip Clip". 
 It can also be used as a hat hanger in any local "country" store.

 Which she loved, by the way.

Isn't she cute?!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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