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Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Photos

Here are some wedding day photos for you to enjoy.  It was such a sacred day.  The memory of it still warms our hearts.

 The first look photo.  How cute!

 This is so them!

 Such a classic photo!

This is one of my favorites!

 For as long as I remember, my daughter always loved to twirl.  This photo of them both twirling together is almost haunting as I remember her as a little blond girl, just like this flower girl, twirling in her dresses.

 Daugher #2--Maid of Honor

 Daddy and his girl

 He's working hard at not crying even before he got to the altar.

 Lovely Setting

 What a blessing to have your Daddy marry you

 I believe!  This marriage was orchestrated and blessed by God.


 Son #1-who liked his tuxedo so much he wore it to church the next day.

 Son #2-who couldn't wait to get out of the monkey suit he was being forced to wear.

 Flower girls, Future wives and Moms?

My, my, how I love this man!

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