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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pastor's Appreciation Month

I don't know how it all got started.  I vaguely remember some years ago on Dr. Dobson's radio program something about taking the month of October to tell your Pastor how much you appreciate him.  Pretty soon, every October, I was seeing blurbs about Pastor's Appreciation month. Of course, Hallmark, who never misses an opportunity to make a buck jumped right on the bandwagon and voila!, it's an American tradition.

I've been in churches where we didn't get so much as a card and when we did get a note, it was usually nasty.  I've been in others where you get some token thing for Pastor's Appreciation month like nail clippers or something. 

But the church I'm in now, well, the rest of the country needs to take instruction from them.  They always do something for Pastor's Appreciation month.  It's always been well thought out which tells me that someone is paying attention.  What's truly awesome is that they do things for Pastor's Appreciation even when it's not October.  It makes me think they really do appreciate our ministry and that means a whole lot.

Last year, they re-did our bathroom, which was sorely in need of a makeover.  Each week, someone came in and did a small part of the job until the job was completed.  Now, my bathroom is the prettiest room in the house. 

This year, they gave my husband money to buy a new suit to wear to our daughter's wedding.  After buying 85 full course meals, a wedding dress, 2 tuxedo's, a bridal shower, and a few incidentals--all in a drought year for our "other" job--a new suit was out of the question. This Sunday we received a roasting pan full of whoopie pies made from his mother's recipe, and a full week of dinner/dessert starting today!  Yea!  I like to cook but have come to the conclusion that it always tastes better if I don't have to cook it.  My hubby ended up not buying  a suit, but had two of his favorite suits repaired and cleaned instead.  I don't blame him.  Those two suits fit him like they were tailor made for him and he looks GOOD in them!  Oh, sorry, I'm off focus again!  Have I ever mentioned how handsome my hubby is???

The most precious gifts we receive are those ziploc snack bags that hold a few pennies or some odd amount of money like 37 cents with a ripped piece of paper with child's handwriting that says, "I like you Pastor" or "I'm so glad you're my Pastor".  We've had some funny ones too like "I like you because you're tall", "you're funny, Pastor", or "thanks for the candy".  (My hubby buys the kids candy every Sunday for after church).  He must have 100 of these bags and notes sitting on his desk.  He just can't bear to spend them.

This does help explain our congregations loving gestures to us though.  They must be genuine because they are teaching their children to honor their Pastor as well.  Man, we have a great group of people!  Not just because they give us stuff either.  But because they love the Lord and appreciate the gift the Lord has given them in my husband, they give as well.  And those who give do receive and these people are lookin at a boat load of receivin'!

I may suggest that Dr. Dobson now establish sheep appreciation day.  Let's face it, without the sheep we wouldn't have a job.  Even if all you can say about your congregation is that they help build your character, you still owe them.  (Been there, done that!)  

 I know that our church, which is currently crammed into a small building and sitting on metal chairs, would appreciate a month of shorter sermons!  Just once, we'd like to be first to the restaurants after church and make the Baptists stand in line. LOL!

Yep!  I feel appreciated.  They really out did themselves this year.  They just forgot one thing--a gym membership so that we can run off all the dinners and dessert, especially them whoopie pies! I laughed when the lady who made them was concerned about keeping them in the refrigerator.  They didn't even last two days!  Whoopie!

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