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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hubby's October Valentine

For my hubby, today is payday.  It's also time for his October Valentine, a day late. There are so many reasons that I love my hubby, I really couldn't decide what I wanted to write about first.  Then I saw a minister on t.v. who had written a book on manhood.  As he described what Biblical manhood is, I thought to myself, "he must know my husband." 

One thing that he talked about was the responsibility that a Godly man carries in a marriage and in a family.  All the responsibilities of finances, descision making, guiding and direction for the family, protection for the family, and general welfare of the family fall on the man.  When a man does not choose to embrace these things by being lazy, absent, or allowing his wife to shoulder some of these responsibilities, he has walked away from his manhood.  I sort of got the picture of a man as a door leading into the house where his wife and family reside.  No matter what tried to come through the door, the man stood as the first line of defense and protection that didn't allow anything through the door that wouldn't nurture of enhance the quality of his family's life. 

That so perfectly describes my husband.  Some would say we don't have an easy life, but it doesn't seem like that to us.  It's true, we all work hard but that is a virtue.  We have so much that more "well off" families don't have, things that money could never buy.  Our children come home from time to time and tell us of another marriage that is ending, another family that is being destroyed.  I love it when they follow it up with, "we're so glad that will never happen to our family."  Our home is their shelter, a place of stability for them.  This is because their Dad is such a rock.

Occaisionally I get a glimpse into all that my husband shoulders as a husband, a father, and a Pastor and I'm amazed.  I know that I could not walk very long in his shoes before I would buckle, but he remains strong and steady.  I love that our lives have a security about them because we know that he is at the helm.

Of course, he is all these things because of his love for and relationship with Christ.  Christ is his rock so because he stands on Christ, the solid rock, we too have a firm foundation on which to build and live our lives.  Thank God for Godly men!

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