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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Proverbs-Wisdom on how to Live

Our Pastor has started a series on Wisdom from the book of Proverbs.  They have been so life giving, I decided to post them here for anyone who is interested.

Sunday Sermon Title:  Proverbs-A Book on How to Live

When you live unwise, life is hard.  Proverbs gives us wisdom in:
     ~how to talk right
     ~the consequences and outcomes of correct and incorrect behavior
     ~the skill of living life God's way

Wisdom is not being intellectual or smart.  There are a lot of smart fools.
Wisdom is greater than intellect.  To ask God for wisdom is the beginning of wisdom

A proverb is simply something that shows how something is alike or how it compares.  It teaches understanding about life by comparing it to other things, or "stuff", as our Pastor said.  It builds on previous knowledge.  Proverbs are practical.

Once you've said something, you can't unsay it.  Wisdom is talking LESS!  Saying right words at the right time promises you blessing.  Saying right things at the wrong time can be disastrous, which is why we need not only knowledge of what is right, but wisdom to know when to say it.

Proverbs 4:20 promises us life and blessing and health.  Wisdom is spoken of in terms of a person, or a teacher.  There is a teacher who teaches, a learner who receives wisdom from the teacher, (the key to learning, by the way, is listening), and a fool who does not want to be taught. 

Proverbs is a book of similes.  For instance, it may say "you smell like a skunk".  It doesn't call you a skunk, but you know that you need to take a shower.

Proverbs is written in couplets that usually compare or reinforce the ideas presented by each other.
Prov. 10:1--opposite things
Prov. 22:1--agreeing things
1 Cor. 1:24 declares that Christ is the wisdom of God.  Wisdom is given by God and it has to be received.  There is no wisdom outside of God, because Christ has become wisdom to us. 
2 Timothy 3:5 tells us that scripture gives us wisdom, which makes sense.  Christ and the Word are one.  It is just plain foolish to be self-confident.  Our only confidence must be in Christ.

Prov.  4
     -if you want wisdom, you must go get it.  God will not just give it to you.
     -Wisdom will not track you down.  You cannot be half hearted about finding God's wisdom.
     -you get wisdom by decision and pursuit
     -wisdom is a journey of constant learning

It is also wisdom to avoid things.  Prov. 6:23  You must let wisdom rebuke you and not get offended.  Wisdom corrects foolishness.  Learn to receive rebuke with character.

If you live Proverbs, you will be a better everything.  Wisdom is unto salvation .  There is nothing worse than a stupid Christian turning off people to the gospel.

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