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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Merger With A Serger

"Sew, Mamma, Sew"  is a blog that I read regularly.  I have found many wonderful tips and ideas on it.  With the economy as it is in my house (6 mouths to feed, a wedding coming up, 3 teenagers in high school this year, and me needing some smaller clothes), well, a serger would just come in real handy.

It's funny that just two nights ago, as I hooked up my 28 year old Pfaff sewing machine that has never given me a day of trouble, it gave me a day of trouble!  It's been a good ole machine, even survived a trip from the closet shelf to my daughter's big toe.  (Her toe didn't fare as well).  There's a lot to be said for German construction.  (My daughter's not German).  It's been drug all over the countryside through the years.  It survived 3 dairy farms, and over 18 different homes through the years.  It's made at least one of everything and even survived a close encounter with a heater that warped the cover. 

When I saw that I could actually win this,

for one brief moment a little spark of excitement ran through my body!  So I thought I'd take a chance and enter to win one of these.  This blog is my entry!  Of course, time has taught me that there are many others more needy and deserving than myself and that my chances are about as good as me winning the big lotto, cause with that, you actually have to play to win!  And I don't play!  But that being said, it has been fun to think of all that I could do if I actually did own one of these!  And I could stop drueling over my friend's machine when I watch her sew.

Oh the things I could do, Oh the things I could do
Oh the things I could do with a serger so new
Oh the seams I could finish, the garments I'd make
Not to mention the fun I would have--goodness sake!
Making dress shirts, and dresses, and pant suits, and blankets,
And silk ties and country skirts reaching down to the anklets!
Oh the things I could do, Oh the things I'd create
Is it possible, probable--could it be fate?
Oh the things I would sew, Oh the garments so new
If this could be yours, tell me, what would YOU do?

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