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Friday, August 6, 2010

How Not To Live Stupid

This is the second week's sermon on wisdom.  Again, very challenging and was certainly fun to listen to.  Sometimes, Pastors are just a bit more relaxed and jovial than others.

Sermon Title:  The Wise Rebuke-A Way of Increasing in Wisdom

1)  You must love wisdom.  A wise man will receive rebuke and increase in wisdom.  

Prov. 9:7-9-Love wisdom even when it hurts your feelings.
Rebuke is a tool in the arsenal of wisdom.  Jesus did it both to the wicked and his disciples.  There will always be an area of life that needs reproof.  You obtain what you love.  If you love wisdom, you'll obtain it.

The only hinderance to rebuke is pride.  The sin of pride is the worst of all sins because it removes the necessary posture of constant need and desire for God in everything.  A lowly thinker doesn't mind the insult.

2)  You must love wise men
     -a wise man has been rebuked in life
     -wise men are wise about who and how and when they rebuke
     -wise men are humble men
     -wise men rebuke in humility and wisdom
You must be careful about who you rebuke and who rebukes you. 
1 Timothy 5:1-there is never any reason to rebuke an elder.  That is for their elders to do.  Children are to honor their parents and the law of their mother.  Even if Mom is wrong, without sinning of course, wisdom will obey knowing that God rewards a humble and contrite spirit.

Titus 1:3  There is a corporate rebuke.  God will sometimes rebuke a church body.  We see this here and in Revelation as well.

Prov.  29:1  There is a place of no return and no help.  If a person has been warned and warned by wisdom, and refuses her correction, then he/she is "without remedy".  What else could be a remedy that would be better than God's widsom?

So with all your giddyup, get wisdom!  The Bible talks a lot about wisdom.  If the Bible talks a lot about a subject, that means we should major on that subject.  Above all, we must have wisdom so that we don't live stupid on the earth.  It not only affects us, but affects those you are to influence for Christ.  "A wise man wins souls."  It takes God's wisdom to win a soul.  Also, a man is wise if he is a soul winner.  So get out there and pursue wisdom.   

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