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Friday, August 27, 2010

A Call To Counter Revolution-True Woman Movement

Ah...the last and final chapter, written fittingly by Nancy Lee DeMoss.  In this chapter she issues a call to professing Christian women to join the counter revolution, (a revolution counter to the feminist movement anyway.) 

I found it interesting though.  All the things she is calling women of all ages and marital status' to do is to simply return to Godly living.  I understand the call to swim upstream, against the influences of the world and I totally agree, but I have to ask myself, why are we having to call "Christian" women back to Godliness?  Where have they been all this time?  Somewhere, somehow, along the way the torch was not passed. 

Were the deceptions of the feminist movement so deceptive that even the very elect were deceived or was there already something lacking in proper discipleship between the older and the younger woman?  And where was the local church in all of this?  Where were the thundering pulpits filled with men of God standing up for truth.  Where were the women of God who should have been proclaiming the blessedness, the goodness and the wisdom of God in creating the place that women of God fill in the body of Christ?

Furthermore, where were those that should have been encouraging us to read, believe and heed the Word of God, fully engaging in the knowledge that the Word is pure and true and right and the only way to a fully satisfying life? 

Nancy is right.  We need a reformation!  But not necessarily in womanhood.  That is putting the cart before the horse.  What we need is a reformation in the church as we know it.  Pulpits, Men, Women and kids!  The church needs a movement back to the Word of God, back to men of God, back to holy living that is not only recognized by unsecularized dress or habits, but holiness that is of the heart.

Over the years I have watched the decline.  One popular woman t.v. preacher used to call her program "Life in the Word".  Now, after Joel Osteen's popularity, she calls her program "Enjoying Everyday Life".  There has been a shift from focus on the Word of God, pleasing God, making God central, the hub of our life, the central thing that all other things in our life flow from.  Now, God is presented as something we add to our life, like some self-improvement program.  He's become a spoke in the wheel of our life that we add for strength and stability, but we are still at the hub of this wheel of life.  We are not dying to live, we are not decreasing so that God can increase.  We have our noses stuck in our navals so far, it's a wonder that we can even breathe.  For decades, the world, our parents, even the church has been telling us that "we" are the main event.  They have fed our self-indulgent nature, in reality making us gods in our own eyes.

We have lost the knowledge of our true position in God.  We have placed ourselves in His care, as His children who can ask anything of Him when we are in need, but we have not placed His Son at the forefront, as the only one who can give us access to the Almighty.  In short, we do not appreciate Christ even slightly the way that we should if we truly had a real knowledge of what He has accomplished for us.  If we did, we would not need a reformation, a revolution, or a re-make.  We would be so different than what we are.

Getting the word out is good, but again, getting the word out without a system of accountability set up is really just continuing in what we have been doing for decades that has not worked.  It seems ridiculous to me to continue putting thousands and thousands of dollars into something that is not working.  Information is not enough.  "Knowledge puffs up".  We can be seeking knowledge and denying the power of it.  But we can only have the power if we are willing to be accountable to leadership as the Holy Spirit changes us and we learn to practically walk in our new-found knowledge practically.

I found this excerpt of James Smith's very insightful and a clear indictment of where the church finds herself today. He's says what I'm thinking much better than what I could ever express.  (the italics are mine)

Swallowed up in a worldly church!
(James Smith, "Man's Treatment of Gods People" 1859)

"If the world hates you--keep in mind that it hated Me first. If you belonged to the world--it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world--but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you!" John 15:18-19

Such is the testimony of the Lord Jesus.

Real Christians have never been favorites of the world--and while it continues what it is, they never can be. (Oh, but how the church has cuddled up to the world, making it feel comfortable in our meetings!)

Nor can the pure and simple gospel be pleasant to the world, because it lays the sinner in the dust, and exalts God as supreme and sovereign. Let us not be surprised then, if we hear worldlings speak against the gospel, and traduce the Lord's people; for what the Romans told Paul, is in a good measure true in the present day, "For concerning this 'sect', we are aware that it is spoken against everywhere!" Acts 28:22 (Would someone please tell this to the t.v. preachers??????)

This 'sect' originated with Jesus, the hated Nazarene, who came into the world for its good, and to save His people from their sins. He gathered around Him many--but they were principally the poor and unlearned. There was nothing in them, or about them, to recommend them to the proud and sensual world.  (But now our leadership has become proud and sensual to try to reach the world, which is clearly why it's not working!)

They were begotten of God, and made new creatures in Christ.

They embraced the truth that He taught.

They observed the precepts that He gave.

They copied the example that He set.

Their creed consisted pretty much in these facts:

that man is a lost sinner, (Whoa!  That's not very seeker sensitive!)

that salvation by works is impossible, and therefore it must be all of grace--or not at all;

that the Lord Jesus came into the world to take the sinner's place, fulfill the law in the sinner's stead, and die as the sinner's substitute.  (That's just being judgemental, isn't it! :-))

By such hopes, they were animated,

by such rules, they walked, and

at such objects, they aimed.

And yet, they were spoken against and despised, because they poured contempt on the luxuries, pride, and honors of this world. They were treated as the offscouring of all things, unfit for society, unfit to live.

"Do not be surprised, my brothers--if the world hates you!" 1 John 3:13

And yet, like Israel in Egypt, the more they were persecuted, the more they multiplied and grew; until at length they spread not only over the Roman empire--but nearly over the world. And, had they retained . . .

the simplicity of their lives,

the spirituality of their minds, and

the correctness of their creed--

they would no doubt have encircled the globe!

But at length they were . . .

courted by royalty,

loaded with wealth,

became intoxicated with worldly honors,

and then their glory departed!

They drank into the spirit of the world,

conformed to its maxims and customs,

sought its approbation and applause--and

so fell from their exalted station, and lost their real dignity. The 'sect' that had been spoken against everywhere, with the exception of a few--was swallowed up in a worldly church!

There are still some, who, like the ancient sect of the Nazarenes, are spoken against everywhere. They will not swim with the stream. They will not compromise their Master's honor, or give up their Master's truth. According to the light they have--they walk; and they rejoice to exalt the Savior, humble the sinner, and proclaim salvation, all of grace. They rejoice that they are counted worthy to suffer shame, for His dear name.

Reader! Do you belong to this sect? Is there anything in your religion that is distasteful to the world, anything that draws forth its opposition, or excites its contempt? The carnal mind is still enmity against God, and if we are godlike--that enmity will manifest itself against us!

If we copy Christ's example, as set before us in the gospel; if we testify against the world, that its works are evil, and call upon it to repent, as Christ did--we shall soon be hated by the world!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Be sure to read this insightful and challenging 3 page article by James Smith:

Man's Treatment of Gods People

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  1. I had not thought of that angle as I read the book. It is true that if we were seeking godliness we would not need these reminders . . . but it is so easy for God's people to go astray and be called back to the most basic of things! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.