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Friday, July 30, 2010

You've Come A Long Way Baby--True Woman Movement

Of all the chapters of this book, this one had to be my favorite.  I would highly recommend this book, just for this chapter, especially if you were born after 1965.  It was written by Mary Kassian.  Perhaps because it brought back a flood of childhood and young adult memories.  Perhaps because it really put the Women's Movement, and some things of my own life, in an understandable perspective and for the very first time I saw the progression of the movement that I lived through laid out in timeline form. 

It was really eye opening as to how much media affects how we view womanhood!  From the Virginia Slim commercials (the first of the very feminist ideas--cigarettes JUST for women), to the bombardment we get in modern advertising, it is clear to me now that the feminist idea of freedom for women was simply a moving from one vice to another, and not freedom at all.

Capitalism, materialism, and selfishness have successfully worked together to pull us from the Judeo-Christian values that once made our country and our families strong!  Yes, ladies, we have truly come a long way, but "a long way is not necessarily a good way or the right way."  Change may be needed, but change is not always good.

Just in 60 years, our society has come a long way, but not in the right direction:

In 1950:
~Getting married was the norm.
~Once married, it was expected that children would be part of the equation, that the husband would financially support the family so that she could stay at home and care for the children.
~Divorce was a terrible tragedy.  People were expected to make their marriages work, even when difficult.
~If divorce did occur, men were expected to support their wives in such a way that she could remain a homemaker, caring for the kids.
~Chastity, virginity, and fidelity were virtues; sex outside of marriage was shameful.
~Common law living was SIN and so uncommon that there are no statistics about it.
~Having children out of wedlock was shameful.
~Only 30% of women were employed outside the home and usually only part time.
~Children were desired, valued and welcomed
~There was no birth control pill
~Abortion was illegal
~Porn, rape, homosexuality, sexual perversion, sexual addiction and STD's were uncommon and rarely encountered
~Men saw it as their responsibility to protect and provide
~Women saw it as their responsibility to support their husbands and focus on raising the children in a stable, nurturing, loving environment. 

By the late 60's the June Cleaver existence had fallen by the wayside and was replaced by a Mary Tyler Moore mentality.  Then, in the 80's, Murphy Brown was the woman of the hour, followed by Ellen Degenerate (my pet name for her), in the 90's. 

Yes, we went from a selfless society to a selfhood and sisterhood society.  As the main character from Sex in the City so plainly states it, "the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself."  "According to feminism, the only hope for a woman's happiness and self-fulfillment lay in rejecting a male-defined Judeo-Christian worldview."

Feminism brought a woman out from under the established order of God and put her in the position where she trusted NO authority, even His!  Women were brainwashed into thinking that they were somehow unfulfilled and even if they didn't feel that way, they began to feel sympathy for those who did, and eventually they, too began to think the same way.  Talk about "bad company corrupting good manners."  What's worse, they took the model that Christ used to build the church--small groups-- and used it to spread their poison throughout womanhood and that's how feminism grew. 

The ONLY solution that will fix where women find themselves today, and if you look at statistics, you will find that women are more unhappy, more angry, more unfulfilled than ever before, is another revolution, another turning, a turning to Christ! 

In my years in campus ministry, at a university that offers a Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies, I found that the feminists were the meanest, the most hateful, the most unhappy, the most unfulfilled, the most frustrated women on campus.  In spite of all the victories that had been won for women, they were still screaming and kicking and shouting about the injustice!  Their ranks were filled with women caught in homosexuality and eating disorders.  In fact, they so despised what their perception of women were, that it appeared they didn't want to be women at all.  They defied and disdained the very characteristics of femininity that they claimed to be trying to liberate.  They really wanted to be men.  They really wanted to rule men! 

In Genesis, part of the curse that God pronounced over Eve was that she would stuggle in the rule of her husband.  That was not a blessing, that was a curse.  It saddened me so much to see these women living under the curse of God.

But yet, there is hope.  If I could talk to these women one on one, and if they were willing to listen to the Gospel of Christ, tears would begin to slip down their cheeks.  The walls would begin to crumble and confessions of confusion about what they were doing would begin to tumble out.  They were lost in a sea of non-identity.  The feminism that was supposed to define them had in effect made them into something they could not identify or embrace because it felt nothing like what they knew to be feminine.  The deceptions of hell were stealing from them, killing them, and destroying them little by little, and many of them expressed that they were just really, really confused by the whole thing.  It had not fulfilled them, it had emptied them to the point that they didn't have any idea who they were anymore.  We saw some of them come to Christ.  What a transformation!

Women of God, we must pray!  We must first let the Holy Spirit expose and rid us of the feminist ideas that are covertly living in our own hearts.  We must return to the position so lovingly designed for us by God, for in residing there,  we will be totally fulfilled and at peace.  Then we must pray for a revolution in the hearts of young women, an opening of their eyes, a reality check that reveals to them that, as women, something is just not clicking the way that it should.  And we must, as women of God, reach out to those who are caught in the web of feminism and love them into the Kingdom of God.


  1. I've been enjoying reading this series. Quite thought provoking.

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