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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lawn Mower Devotions--Something To Look Forward To

Today, in a state of extreme heat exhaustion, I lingered for just one brief moment in the thinking that our lives are just too hard.  I rise in the morning knowing that my day will be filled with dirty lawn work, dirty house work, or piano lessons-some of which are a real test of character for me.  And I've been so tired from the first two kinds of work, I actually feel asleep during a music lesson around stanza #4 and didn't wake up until stanza #7.  (I'm still not sure if it was the first or second ending.  It's totally conceivable that I  slept through the entire song once.  I did feel so refreshed when I woke up.) 

I thought to myself, "I need something to look forward to."   In years past, I have had things to look forward to, but they seem to always allude our grasp for one more year, one more year and I found myself growing disillusioned and thinking that the proverbial carrot will be dangled in my face until, I , like the mule, just give out.  I wonder how much longer my body will be able to run at this pace!  I start to feel stuck a vicious cycle.  

Of course, I quickly slapped myself back into reality--God's reality that is! 

Paul said "forgetting those things which are behind, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." 

And it dawned on me!  I do have something to look forward to! 

No matter how bleak life may be, for no matter how long life may last, when I look ahead, I see Christ!  I see heaven!  I see no more weeds to pull, no more sore muscles, no more disappointment, no more "issues" with people, no more laborious work!  And no matter how far ahead I look, whether it be lifetimes or years or months or weeks or days or minutes, Christ is there!

But not only is He there, He is HERE! NOW!  The thing I am looking so forward to is already here!  It's then I realize that I can rise above the things of the natural life and choose to dwell in the heavenly places, seated with Christ!  And all the sudden, it seems as if life has never been better.  To realize that at any moment of any day, for as long as I want or need, the full attention, love, and power of Almighty God is there for the taking--for me!  What could be better?  Jesus Christ truly is enough and much, much more--if I will let Him be!

There is no vacation that I can imagine, no soft, cool bed that I could lay down on, no bank account large enough to even come close to the fellowship that I can have with Him whenever I want or need to!  And to think, no matter how far away I gaze or how close to me I look, HE is there, unchanging, always faithful, always enough!

"Better is one day in His courts, then thousands elsewhere."
It's just so much easier to see when you are fully hydrated!


  1. Yes! I can relate to this! There is a totally other realm we can actually live in- from the inside out, with Jesus. I got this quote off of Bill Johnson's website: "I cannot afford to have a thought in my head about me that is not in His." The last couple weeks,I have started to really think about what I am thinking about: is this really true, right, pure, just, and what Jesus is thinking about me or towards me right now. I believe Jesus is coming back for a body that is in the same proportion to the head! :)

  2. Krista,

    So nice to hear from you! And thanks for reading my blog and actually commenting! It's nice to get feed back once in awhile.