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Monday, July 5, 2010

More Heart Snapshots

Heart snapshots are memories that we make a conscious effort to remember. They’re like digital snapshots from a moment in time, captured on the memory stick of our hearts. I write mine down periodically.

~My son's response to the question "why am I driving clear across town to buy ice cream?." His reply, "because you love me." And I took the opportunity to tell him just how much I do, indeed, love him. What was even better was when he said to me "and I love you too, Mom." And I'm pretty sure that he meant it! :-)

~The change in the sound of my oldest son's laugh. It just sticks with you more.

~The look of delight on my husband's face when I place a big, full plate of his favorite food in front of him after a hard day's work.

~My men, all three of them, going off to work together in the morning, the two teenagers clamoring over one another in an effort to get the seat beside Dad.
~The sideways glances and hidden grins between the three of them, after a long day of work, as something is said or seen that reminds them of something that happened during the day and the joke that was born as a result of it.

~The way my husband's face krinkles up clear from his eyebrow to his chin when he smiles.

~The sheer pleasure of my daughter's face when she found the purse that she liked at the mall hanging on her bedroom door.

~My oldest daughter's face when she found the "perfect" shoes to wear with her wedding dress.

~And the brightness in her blue, blue eyes as she looks at her future husband. (Boy, am I going to have cute grandkids! Oh, sorry! Off subject!)

~My youngest son skating, in his socks, across Kohl's dressing room floor to show me that the pair of shorts he just modeled for me a few minutes before, are indeed reversible and that "they fit me this way too!" What a nut! He always makes me laugh!

~Sitting on a park bench one evening with my three youngest children watching hundreds of lightning bugs come out of the ground. It was a thing of beauty!

~The looks on the faces of my sons as their Dad discovers that they've been sneaking drinks out of his glass all during dinner.

~The nicknames my children have for me. One calls me "Madre". One calls me "Mamma Mia", and one calls me "Modge."

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