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Friday, June 11, 2010

What I Do With My Spare Time

 For years and years, I've watched my husband play softball. He started playing with the local Parks and Rec league in 1991 at 31 years of age. Then at age 35, when his teammates that were of the same age left for the 35 over and league, he stayed where he was. At age 40, when his former team members from the 35 and over league moved on to the 40 and over league, he stayed where he was. And now, that 3 generations of former teammates are now playing in the 50 and over league, he remains playing with the "young bucks".

I've watched through the years as he scraped up his knees and elbows, received several impressive softball impressions in the meatier parts of his body and once, watched him break his leg while sliding into second base. Softball is not my "thing", but because I love him, I've been attending his softball games all these years.

This year we notice that he's not jumping as high as last year, not running as fast--well, that was always an issue, and his lateral motion on 3rd base is a bit less than in past years. But to his credit, he doesn't have to put on ankle supports, knee supports, and take vitamin I (ibuprophen) before every game like those young kids do! He just throws on some shoes and a ball cap and he's ready to roll.

We both know that one of these years will be his last on the softball field, although I do wonder if he's trying to set a record or something. So he will need a new hobby.

I think we found it!

See how happy it makes him?

He likes to shoot stuff!  Not people, but things like targets, potatoes, fruit, baseballs, and whatever he can find to shoot at.

This is just one of the guns he likes to shoot.

And he even has a shooting buddy!  This is our soon to be son-in-law.  They love to go to the range and shoot together.  He rarely goes without him. 

And I go too.  Do I watch?  Heck NO!  I've discovered that I like it too!  I have to admit, making mashed potatoes on the shooting range far exceeds the fun of making them in the kitchen!  Let's zoom in on the target on the far right. 

It looks like this.

And I did it at 12 feet with this.
Sure, it's a Saturday night special, but I found it works well on other days as well.  Now I own two guns.  For Christmas I got a really nice .22 target pistol.  It's cheaper to shoot and I get a better aim at longer distances.  Of all my pastor's wives friends, I was the only one with a Smith and Wesson 22A on my Christmas list. 

We often have a shoot-out at the local range, just between the 3 of us.  The loser buys lunch.  I haven't bought lunch once!  I think I'm going to like our new hobby.....if he ever retires from softball.

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