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Friday, June 4, 2010

True Woman

I recently was given an opportunity to receive a free book if I would be willing to review it chapter by chapter on my blog. I never turn down an opportunity to receive a book! And this book is of interest to me since I am a woman! Because I am quickly becoming a moldy oldie, I witnessed the feminist movement nearly from it's very first day. I even held to feminist views for a short period of my life. Having said that, I am not one to obsess on the virtues of Christian womanhood to the point that I lose sight of the big picture.

Yes, I am a woman.

Yes, I am a Christian woman.

Yes, I am happily and willingly submitted to the authority of my husband and my Pastor. (I get off easy in this respect since they are the same man! LOL!). But the principles in scripture are written for all, man or woman. That, in itself, is equality! We are all presented with the same gospel, the same commands, the same judgements by God. How those things practically present themselves in real life vary a bit between the sexes for the purpose of completeness, but the principles are the same.

No, I do not own a "Woman's Bible." The version of the Bible that is no respecter of persons is good enough for me. In God there is no man or woman, slave or free..., so why would I need a "special" Bible. To me, it defeats the whole process of losing oneself in Christ and becoming nothing. The basic tenets of the Christian faith apply to and are required of ALL. And while I take those verses written to women very seriously, I have the tendency to think that if I will just obey what's in there, the woman thing will work itself out to the glory of God.

No, I do not attend "Christian Women's" groups mostly because the ones I have attended are influenced by the feminist ideals I laid at the foot of the cross when at age 25, I gave my life to Christ.

I am happy that God made me a woman because I believe that He is perfect in ALL He does. And if I was created me to live in submission and under authority, to be halfway or all the way down the totem pole, then that is where I will be the most happy. I really don't look at things as men vs. women. I tend to look at what God had in mind when He created me personally rather than lumped into one or the other of the sexes.

On the other hand, I find the distinctions between the sexes very intriguing and sometimes amusing. It is my heartfelt desire to fully accomplish all that God asks of me as a helpmate, a mother, and a representative of Christian womanhood to the world. I strive and pray that I would be that good example of purity, chastity, humility, quiet strength, tranquility that scripture so often associates with womanhood. If God made me a woman, then I want to be the very best example of what He created me to be.

Clearly those that collaborated to write this book have identified the need for change in Christian womanhood. From what I have gleaned so far, it is a returning more than a reformation, but the returning to the "old paths" of Christian womanhood from where we are today would indeed be very reforming.

I have always believed that the little good that the feminist movement has accomplished is far outweighed by the damage it has done. It has literally wreaked havoc in the family, marriage, and worst of all, the church. The self-actualizing, self-centered ideas that it brought to the forefront of society have evolved in such a hateful direction, that even the founders of the movement have jumped ship. Believe me, what the movement started out to do, and where the movement has ended up are worlds apart in doctrine and practice!

This "True Woman" movement as it is called is lead by very dedicated, Christian ministers and women. However, we vary in doctrine a bit. They tend to hold to more Calvinistic doctrine while I adhere to Armenian beliefs. Please note that the differences between our doctrines will keep neither of us from heaven nor from true Christian fellowship on the earth, but I will be interested to see how the differences influence my perceptions of the book.

With the busyness of the summer season, it's nice to have a preset focus and plan for my writing exercises. It's a little less work for me, which right now is a good thing. And as always, I'm looking forward to what God will teach me as a result of reading and thinking about the ideas presented in this book. I'm not nearly where I want to be. I'm not, by any stretch of the imagination, what I should be, but I know that with each passing day I'm better than I was and that pleases God. And that's all that matters.


  1. No, I do not own a "Woman's Bible." The version of the Bible that is no respecter of persons is good enough for me.

    I may have stood up and applauded a little at that.


  2. Shark Bait, thanks for the giggle! :-)