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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

True Woman-Introduction

As I said earlier, I have received a free book simply for reviewing it chapter by chapter on my blog. Today I start by introducing the book, presenting it's ideas, identifying the main authors of the book, since it is a compilation of teaching sessions from the True Woman conference held in October 2008, from which this movement was birthed.

I have read the whole book. I just can't read a book one chapter at a time. I read the whole thing and then go back and mark it up chapter by chapter. Maybe it's because I'm dense and just can't get everything the first time through, but I am the kind of right brained learner that has to see the whole picture first in order to see the details! It's my lot in life.

The books main author and the True Women's founder and leader is Nancy Lee DeMoss, a well known author, radio host and speaker, who speaks primarily to and about women's issues from a Christian perspective. I've read several of her books and find her to be Biblically sound, except for the doctrinal differences I described earlier. Other contributors to the book are John Piper, whose ideas and writing I find very encouraging; Mary Kassian, whose writing I am going to explore further; Joni Eareckson Tada, and Janet Parshall from the t.v. show Janet Parshall's America.

The premise of the book is that there needs to be a return by Christian Women to Biblical living, especially within the context of womanhood. I totally agree with this. (These ideals are expressed very clearly in the True Woman Manifesto that you can read by clicking on the True Woman button on the homepage of my blog.) It is an attempt to present a solution to the poor spiritual state in which many Christian women find themselves by showing that we have allowed feminist voices to permeate even our perceptions of Biblical doctrine concerning womanhood and have bought into those voices through the ages that tell us that Biblical womanhood is unfulfilling. Through an examiniation of history-both secular and Biblical, an exortation to flee "wimpy theology", a call to the return to a life of prayer, and the encouragement to start a "counter-revolution", this book attempts to inspire women to reclaim the definition of true womanhood which they define as Biblical womanhood.

I totally agree that womanhood, at least in the United States is probably the most dysfunctional it has ever been. I totally agree that there needs to be an Abraham experience amongst women where they pick up and follow the Lord to a place whose builder and maker is God alone, a country that GOD will show them! I totally agree that the task looks HUGE, but it is not impossible and it must start with the re-education of spiritual women concerning what the voice of God has to say about true womanhood and what it looks like practically in everyday living. But at the very crux, our greatest need is the intervention of the Holy Spirit and a sovereign move of God in the hearts of His church.

For me, having lived on both sides of feminism, I have a clearer idea of what we would be returning to, but for the generations born after mine, the ideals of feminism are deceptively normal. They understand that there is a problem. But normal for them is already tainted with the leaven of feministic ideals. It has been part of their culture from birth. And for so long, the ideals contained in Biblical womanhood have been promoted as oppressive, sexist, and undesirable by media, textbooks, the generations before them, that it has become natural for younger women to embrace this as the norm without even realizing that this image is skewed to the feminist side. It is not a neutral position. This is like trying to mix baking soda and vinegar which is why there is so much foaming and frothing, even between Christian women, on what Biblical womanhood truly is. Within Christiandom, they are as divided as the liberals and conservatives are in the political arena.

My husband and I have been in ministry for 25 years. And we are one of the fortunate/unfortunate?? couples that have not only seen the damage that feminism has done to marriage and the family, we have experienced the devestation it can cause first hand. I'm not blaming feminism, because the very root of my problem was carnality, but feminism is the great promoter of self-indulgence which is devastating to marriage. Praise God He is a God of redemption and restoration, even though for us, the restoration course was much like what an old piece of furniture goes through during the refinishing process. It was hard, it took time, and it hurt. Alot!

There are many things I like about this book, however...... (to be continued)

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  1. I love Nancy Lee DeMoss. She teaches stuff that I think all Christian women need to hear and she always encourages and challenges me!