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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mowing with Swallows

I love this time of year!  The birds that I love to watch so much are making their way back from their winter homes and are re-appearing in our area.  One of those that absolutely delight me are barn swallows.

Where I mow in the suburbs, they are plentiful. 

As I mow, I guess the mower not only sucks and cuts grass, but all the little insects that live in the grass.  So when the grass flies out the mower shoot, so do they.  It's then that I'm surrounded by swallows who are looking for an easy meal.  It's like the feeding frenzy at the shark tank!

They are all around me, like kamikaze pilots, weaving and bobbing, zipping and diving, as they scoop insects from the air.  I love how their red and white underbellies flash in front of me as they make a hard turn to avoid the mower.  And their back feathers and forked tails, that glisten in the sun bright blue like a jasper stone, are breathtakingly beautiful.  It kind of makes me feel like a Disney princess as she dances with the birds and butterflies flitting all around her.

I guess mowing with the swallows is the land lubbers version of swimming with the dolphins.  It's an experience not many can say they've had and it's one that you never forget. 

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  1. Lovely Sentiment. Lovely Birds.