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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Heavenly Email

I love it when the Lord speaks to me in the normal things of my day. Right now, I don't have much time to sit and ponder the great things of life because I'm just too crazy busy! All the details of this are just too tiring to repeat, but my plate is fuller than it has ever been.

This morning, I was sending out email account information for my Sunday school class. After sending, my email account brought to my attention that I had sent several emails to people not in my contact list. It then gave me some options to either add them as a new contact or merge them with another address that had the same name and was already established. After clicking on "add as new contact", I received the following. "You have successfully saved so and so as a new contact."

Because I am a "saved" Christian, (I don't believe there is any other kind), I automatically thought to myself, "I wish it would be that easy to save another individual!" But then, as the Holy Spirit is so quick to do, He brought it all home to roost right at my address.

We cannot receive the acknowledgement that we are "saved" until we have set up an account with a "new contact." That new contact is Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can save us. His account was established before the beginning of time as we know it and it is an eternal account. The contact name will never change. The address will always be the same. So in order to be "saved", we must first make contact with Him and then we must merge our names and addresses into his account.

So when the Father wants to send us something, it comes through and because of Christ's account. And when we want to send something to the Father, it also goes through Christ's account as well. Christ is the central and essential part of any communication that we desire to have with God. God won't listen to us, but He will listen to Christ and because Christ is "ever interceding" for us, we can pray in His name and receive the things we ask for from God. God is pleased with Christ!!! So when we are "merged" into Christ's account, God is pleased with us!!! What a glorious thought!!

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