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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lawnmower Devotions-If You Feed It, It'll Grow

I'm up to my eyeballs in mowing right now. Every yard has grass that has grown an average of 8 inches since last week and is going to seed! It's impossible to keep up with! What in the world is going on? Oh......that's right, we fertilized and it rained. If you feed the grass some fertilizer and a little water, it will grow! And grow! AND GROW! It's a God thing. It's one of those principles He put into place when He created the world.

And it works for humans too. If I feed my teenagers, they grow! Boy, do they grow! And the more they eat, the more they grow! Will they ever stop??? I'm buying a gallon of milk a day for 3 teenagers and rarely is there any left over to make dinner with. I'm always asking someone to go to the store to get milk. I'm thinking of buying a cow. I LOVE cows and I miss milking, but the neighbors would probably protest.

And it works spiritually too. Too many times, people view salvation as the goal. But honestly, it's the starting point. There is so much God wants to do in us, but the truth is, He can't do anything until we're saved. That is the point when He can really start to do things, but if we are satisfied to just sit and think "we made it", things could get ugly. We won't grow. We'll just get fat. Something that is not growing is unhealthy or dying. I tend to believe that the spiritual life is the same way. There is no such thing as stagnation, spiritually speaking. We are in one of two kingdoms, there is right and there is wrong, we are either moving forward of sliding back.

We need steady diet of the Word and prayer. Psalm 23 tells us that God prepares us a table and that our cup runs over. Well, what do you do at the table? YOU EAT! We MUST sit at God's table every day to receive what we need for that day. I make it a matter of habit that when I spend time with the Lord every morning to not leave that place until I know that I have recieved somthing from Him, and I have given something to Him. It may be just a word, or a verse, or an idea that I want to meditate on while I mow, but I make sure that I know that I've been with Him and He's been with me.

A mother once grew frustrated with getting her children to read their Bibles everyday. They seemed satisfied to just read it on Sunday at church. So to illustrate the danger of not recieving the Word on a daily basis, she set out 7 bowls of cereal for each of her children one morning for breakfast. When the kids came to table, they said, "Mom, we can't possibly eat all this cereal in one meal. Can we put it back in the box so that it lasts us all week?" The Mother replied, "I thought you could just eat all your breakfasts for the whole week today. Then I won't have to worry about making breakfast until next week." "But we will need something to eat tomorrow and the next day! We need something every morning!", said the kids. "Well, said their mother, just as you need physical food every morning for strength, you also need spiritual food every morning for strength as well. Just reading your Bible on Sunday is like trying to eat enough breakfast for 7 days in one meal. It can't be done." Point made!

And what do we eat? ALL the Word. Not just the bless me verses. I'm sure that God's table includes things that we wouldn't particularly choose for ourselves, like stewed tomatoes, land cress, and spinach. But He knows that we need a healthy balance of His will, His Word, and His commands. If we receive what God puts on the table for us each day, we will be healthy, strong Christians. How many times have we turned up our noses at what the Lord put on our plate and told Him that we don't like it? Are we willing to take a dose of our own medicine and eat it "just because He said so?"

Some days, when I don't like what's on my plate, I have to ask myself, "do I really trust God as my loving Father? Do I really believe that He has my good at the forefront of His thoughts? I have to re-affirm the faith that I have in the truthfulness of the Word and the steadfast, unchanging, perfect love of the one setting the table for me everyday. Then I can sit and eat whatever He has placed on my plate knowing that the end result is growth, strength and health. It doesn't always taste good and it's not always pleasant to my taste buds, but I receive it anyway.

When I find my strength to resist temptation is low, or my thoughts are not faith filled, or my will to do right seems to be whaning, I know that I need to pull up to the Father's table and eat whatever He has placed there for me that day. When my joy level is low, when I'm anxious or frustrated or just feeling "out of sorts", I know that I'm lacking the spiritual nutrition that God has for me that day and I run to the table and eat! God's Word is sweeter than honey and more satisfying than anything else I could take in.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing!" "He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul."

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  1. Beautifully written! Such truth. I agree with the part about some of the food doesn't taste very good, but - like life - THAT is usually the food that's the best for us. And like a loving parent making the kids finish their broccoli, God feeds us what He knows will nourish us and help us to grow up and not out. Your words are a blessing. Thank you.