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Monday, March 29, 2010

Campus MInistry WAS Worth it ALL!

     When we entered campus ministry we entered with the full knowledge that statistics said that very few of those who would become actively involved in the ministry would actually continue their walk with God when they were adults.  In some ways, we wondered why God would ask us to become involved in such a futile cause!  But when God calls you to something, you don't ask why, you just say yes.

This past Saturday, we had the privilege of sitting down with a young woman who had been part of our first year of campus ministry.  When she had been a part of our group on campus, I had always been impressed with her genuinally sweet spirit.  Now, 18 years later, I was again impressed that she had not seemed to change one bit.  I know that she is different.  You don't travel the world doing missions work and remain the same---not ever!  But that same, sweet, genuine person was just the same as I remembered her. 

There have been others from that same group who have chosen to walk completely away from God.  We knew that would happen.  "Narrow is the road and few there be that find it."  We had sown a lot of seed knowing that some would not fall on fertile ground.  And considering the statistics, you would think that the relatively few victories that you see might be a little anti-climatic.  Not so!

To sit there, listening to her, hearing her heart as she revealed her dreams and desires in conversation was such a privilege and a joy.  And at that moment, I thought to myself, "even if she was the only good thing that would have come out of those years of neverending pizzas, late night calls, long evenings, very advanced practical jokes, and heart wrenching goodbyes, it would have been worth it all!"   That almost seemed ridiculous to me, but it drove home the realization of the value that God puts on just one soul. 

And on those days when I want to move from guarding the sheep back to the dairy barn, I think about all those that God allowed us to know through those years that are serving God with all their hearts today and I realize how privileged I am to know them.  I realize how wonderful it is to serve God by helping others as He lays out the path before them.  And it gives me hope.  And it builds my faith.  And it spurs me on.  And it lets me see into the heart of Almighty God and I am blessed!  And I stand in awe of His wonderful workings. 


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