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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Regrets

Wow! Two birthday "gems" in one week! What an encouragement! It's almost like God sent me two birthday cards!

I try to live my life so that I will have no regrets. I don't always succeed. But there are several things that I will never regret:

~Giving my life to Jesus Christ.

-I am free to just be myself because He has changed who I was

-My life is always level, even when my circumstances are not

-I am free to love and be loved without restrictions or expectations

-My future is exceptionally bright

~Giving up thoughts of med school and marrying a certain dairy farmer.

- What a gift this man has been to me. I thank God everyday for him

~ Raising my children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

~Finding joy in being a servant even when no one knows what I did

~Allowing God to be my good shepherd, a perfect father, and my best friend

Because of these things, there is goodness in every day, even in the midst of troubles and trials. I can honestly say that I am happy, even when there is sadness that comes along. And it was all made possible when I decided to let Jesus Christ take over. His love is perfect love. His wisdom is all-wisdom. His mercy is without regret. His power is unmatchable. His presence is like no other. NO REGRETS! NO REGRETS!

(J. R. Miller, "The Beauty of Every Day" 1910)

Some people come to birthdays regretfully. They do not like to think that they are growing older. But there is no reason for regret, if only we are living our years as we should live them, as we may live them.

years--are a dishonor. Years filled with sin--are blots in the calendar. We should be ashamed to come to a birthday at the close of a year of idleness, indolence, neglect, or unfaithfulness. Jesus said we must give account for every idle word we speak. It will be an unhappy reckoning that we must make, after an idle year, or for idle hours and days in a year.

But there need never be a shadow of regret in coming to a birthday, when we have lived our best through all the days. If we go through a year walking with God--we shall come to its close with enlarged life, with nobler character, with richer virtues--in every way a more godly man or woman.

Growth is a law of life. When growth ceases, death is beginning. God counts our age, not by our birthdays--but by the advances which His eye sees in our inner life. Growth, too, is not marked by height or weight or by accumulations of money or property or earthly honor--but by an increase in godly character.

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