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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why I Will Never Be a Professional Portrait Photographer

Over the holidays, we traveled south to visit my Dad. This is him with his new "friend" Bib! She is a doll and a very good addition to our small family circle. Don't they look happy?
That photo turned out okay, but I suggested that they get a little closer. They look much happier now!

We don't get to see Dad all that much, so I suggested that we get a photo with all the grandkids. Here they are looking for X's to stand on! Yes, for some, even gathering for a photo is like a scavenger hunt at the mall.
Photo #1--Check out the guy under the yellow arrow. I wish that arrow was a lightning bolt from heaven zapping that crappy look off his face!
Thus we needed photograph #2! Where is a storm when you need one the most?
Photograph #3--At least he's trying.......I think!

Photograph #4--his impersonation of someone with TMJ, which by this time could've very easily stood for Taking Mamma's fist along the Jaw!

Photograph #5--This is my son as close to death as he has ever been in his almost 15 years of life!
Now, we need to work on getting the blonde on the left to keep her eyes open!


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  2. I know lots of pastors and not one is typical. That's why I like them. God bless and nice blog. You might like my blog as well.