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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Honor the Memory of B.H. Clendennen

I just recently found out that my favorite preacher of all time has passed away. I am writing this blog to honor his life and ministry, both which have touched my life tremendously.

Meet B.H. Clendennen, a former Marine. He was part of the lost battalion of the Guadal Canal during WW2. He survived with just a few others for years in the midst of enemy soldiers, totally cut off from all US supply lines. His story is amazing.

But what is more amazing is the impact that he had on the world. He took that toughness that he gained from the Marine Corp and incorporated it into his life and ministry for Jesus Christ. Of all the ministers that have come and gone, he may not be a name that is well known, but his impact rivals and exceeds the ministries of men like David Wilkerson, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin and other respected ministers of Christ. He has carried the Pentecostal message and ministry literally around the world, establishing schools of Christ in regions of spiritual darkness on every continent.

I first heard him preach when I, as an associate minister's wife was doing what associate minister's wives do--the dirty work. I was cleaning out a church attic and found a box of cassette tapes with over 100 sermons. The secretary told me to just throw them away, but being the curious type, I asked if I could have them. Upon seeing them, my husband exclaimed, "this is a gold mine!" He had been raised as a child attending camp meetings that Brother Clendennen had preached.

I was pregnant at the time and having a difficult time holding on to the pregnancy. So every afternoon, I would sit down to rest in a chair and I would pop in a tape and listen to a sermon. Never had my heart burned like it did listening to this man's words. Never had scripture come so alive as it did while listening to him expound the truths of God into my heart. I listened and listened, like a starving child sits and eats at a bountiful table. My life was changed forever! Such faith was deposited into my heart that when a doctor told me that I had miscarried the baby, I sat right up on that emergency room table, stuck my finger in his face and said, "I don't care what you say, I'm having this baby when it's due!". To prove to me that I had lost the baby, he performed a sonogram to confirm the miscarriage and found that he was, indeed, wrong. And of all the children that I have birthed, she was the only one even remotely close to her due date, born just when the doctor had said she was due.

A few years later, as I stood on a roadside amongst fire trucks, rescue trucks, sirens, people running and yelling, the jaws of life screaming, ambulance personnel scrambling, I prayed a prayer that I know saved the lives of my already unresponsive children. It was one of those surreal moments when you realize that what you are doing is totally illogical, what you are saying is totally impossible in the natural, but you know that it is the Spirit of God that is helping you pray it and have faith to believe it, in spite of what you are seeing right in front of your face. Where did that faith come from ? It came from the receiving the teaching and preaching of a humble man sharing the truth and power of God's Word into my heart-- from a "junk box" of tapes--the sermons of B.H. Clendennen.

I owe this man so much. His preaching and teaching totally changed the course of my Christian life. He introduced me to a power that few Christians I know have encountered or have practically experienced in their walk with Christ. In many ways he was my teacher and mentor, even though I never had the great privilege of meeting him in person. It was one of my life wishes to meet him in person and thank him for blessing my life in such a great manner.

The man had metal. He went wherever the gospel was needed, establishing schools of Christ. He trained many that still carry that message and many that left that school knowing that their lives would be required of them as martyrs for the cause of the salvation message. What a legacy, what a reward this man have in heaven.

Here are some links of his sermons and information about his life's work. If you are unsatisfied in your relationship with God, if you are searching for God, if you want to really live the life that Christ died to give you instead of one that is just tradition, ceremony, dead and unfulfilled, I highly recommend that you listen to what this man has to say.

One of my favorites is called "Soldiers". In it he relates a lot of his experiences as Marine in WW2. I listen to it at least once a month and it blesses me every time I hear it.

And to his wife and family I extend my deepest sympathy and prayers. But as scripture says, "we do not mourn as the world mourns", because we have hope that he is in heaven. Our hope is an assurance that we base on the Word of God, and we know that it is not just a wish, but it is a reality. We will all see him again. I will get to meet him and know him in heaven. This is just a "see you later". There will never be a goodbye. So, I say to Pastor Clendennen, "see you later!" And with every ounce of truth that lies within me.....THANK YOU AND THANK GOD!





  1. Thank you for so much sharing this. God gave me one of the greatest gifts that I could receive, and that was the privelege of sitting under this great of man of God. He blessed my life in more ways that I can count. Bro. Clendennen was a rare jewel and I will forever treasure the time that I spent sitting under him learning how to walk with God. Thank God for his grace and mercy that he gave us not only his only begotten son, but he gave us a man that we could see and hear with our eyes and ears during our lifetime, that lived God's word to the fullest. Bro. Clendennen has finished his course, kept the faith and has earned his crown. I will continue to press daily toward the mark for the prize of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus our Lord so that I too one day will receive my crown in glory. My prayers go out to the Clendennen family, that God will continue to strengthen and comfort them, during this time of grief.

  2. Amen..I am so glad I found your blog..I too have been greatly impacted by the ministry, the depth of the truth this man of God preached. I only heard of him in 2006, and really started listening to him preach in the past 2 years when I began to find his sermons on the internet, and ordered some, had others share some with me, and I thank God for each one. They are a treasure. I pray God bless the School of Christ and the Clendennen family during this difficult time.

  3. also, you can find the Video "Soldiers" preached by Pastor Clendennen in Feb 2009 to the graduating SOC class in Goldsboro, NC http://www.actsamerica.org/video/soldiers.html

    ..who also run Acts America where you can see and hear Bro Clendennen preach 24/7

  4. I didn't knew that pastor Clendennen died.
    I have had the privilege to be one of the students of the international school of Christ (founded by Clendennen). I am convinced that there are so many christian that will miss him.
    Only people that have had that relationship with Christ like Clendennen had can, reach the people for Christ.
    Eljona from ALbania

  5. Yes, Eljona, you are so right! There are few ministers of the Gospel like him left on the earth. What a legacy he left for us!

  6. I listened to Pastor Clendennen at a noontime tent service in Oxon Hill, Maryland in 1984. At the time, I was a new Christian, and thought that R.W. Schambach was speaking, and was disappointed that I would have to wait until the evening. When Pastor Clendennen started his sermon "growl", I turned to a lady sitting near me and asked, "Who's that? Is that R.W. Schambach?" and she said it was Brother Clendennen. I remember thinking, "Poor guy, having to open up at noon for Pastor Schambach, and not getting to sleep in!" An ignorant babe, me, wanting what the flesh wanted, yet was there at noon, ready to receive, at the least. If only I had known that God had appointed me to sit there under the best of the best, the elite. He did impress me, as I didn't forget his name all these years. Tonight, I found out that R.W. Schambach passed over a year ago, and therefore wanted to find out about Pastor Clendennen. Sad to learn he is no longer on Earth, but I am standing in awe of all that he achieved through God's power, and endured physical pain in his last days. There aren't preachers like this anymore. I will never forget that sermon that day, at noon, with about 20 people in the middle of a field. It was anointed. Prayers that his students are bringing the messages just as strong as he did.