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Friday, November 6, 2009

Football or Mudball?

A special thanks to my friend, Abbie, who braved the mud with her expensive camera and captured these photos and graciously allowed me to use them on my blog!

In Happyvalley, weekends are made for football! Penn State football, State High football, and SCAG football, of which my son is a part.

Here he is, all clean and crisp in his newly pre-treated, hand scrubbed, clean football uniform! He's the handsome #29! Don't spend any time remembering that number because in a moment, it won't mean a thing!

And the game started just as any other ordinary game. There was prayer, (yes, it's a Christian league, so they say. I learned that in the midst of flying clipboards, yelling coaches, and little black words that would "slip out" easier than a boy can slip playing football in a foot of mud. Oh, that's coming later!) So they lined up to receive the opening kickoff!
Did I mention that the field was muddy? Just a little. Can you see the mud they just lined up in?
Oh wait! Here's a better shot!

And so the game went on, from bad to worse until we couldn't even recognize our sons! In fact, we couldn't even tell what color team some of them were on!

The game quickly became less about football and more about who could stay upright!

As you can see, some faired better than others!

Next time someone tells you to eat dirt, THIS is really what they are saying!

By halftime, the Golden Bears were looking more like the Brown Bears and playing about as bad as the Cleveland Browns!

Unfortunately, the half time pep talk didn't do any good and we lost! Can you tell?

But even so, our guys were good sports about it, just like they were for EVERY OTHER GAME OF THE WHOLE SEASON! Can someone say "Houston, we have a problem?"

As you can see from the scoreboard in the background, the field was not the only thing that got ugly! Yep! That's Golden Bears 8, Green Eagles (or the Green Giants as I called them) 40.

The bright spot of the whole day was my son!
He had the time of his life, rolling around in the mud and sticking a dirt filled mouthguard on his already questionably clean teeth (if I don't remind him to brush, it doesn't get done! Just one more reminder of how I have failed at mothering.) One of those sets of legs are his!
He was #29 until you couldn't see his number anymore. Then he became the boy with the gold arms, the only one on the team with gold underarmour.

Here's some shots of the action. Sorry so many, but my family are about the only people that read this blog anyway and they're interested in seeing him!

Yes! He got an assist for this tackle!

Here, he's calling the defense! The play the coach sent in was "mudslide!"

This is probably one of those plays that ended in part of that 40 points you saw earlier on the scoreboard. You know those plays? You know that no one is going to catch the kid with the ball, but you hustle down the field anyway so that the coach doesn't single you out and call you an idiot! And these kids are smart! They stay in a pack so that they can't be singled out!

That's his "mean" football face!

The real dilemma was after the game. What do I do with him until I can get him home and clean him up? I can't put him on my nice, beige, seats! I don't think I'm allowed to put him in back of my pickup truck, or tie him to the top! So, being the resourceful Mom that I am, I found the hose in back of the concession stand! I've always wanted to pull a trigger and yell "dance! dance!" And dance he did trying to dodge those frosty drops of water!
As you can see, it really didn't do any good!
But obviously, he enjoyed it anyway! At least I was sure that I was actually taking the right kid home, yep, that's him, #29!
Eventually I ended up opening the doors of the pick up truck which open opposite of each other. Then I stretched a big beach towel between them creating a makeshift dressing room and made him strip down to his boxers! No! I didn't take any photos of that! Posting photos of my son in his boxers might be considered child porn to non-football families!
He rode home wrapped in a big beach towel with the heater blasting! What a trooper!
And not surprisingly, after washing his uniform and pads--first by laying them in the driveway and blasting them with a hose and then putting them in my washing machine, I had to call the washing machine repairman.

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  1. awesome i would love to play muddy football it would be so much fun