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Monday, September 21, 2009

Rejoicing--What Hot Tubs Were Really Created For

These friendly little bubbles were part of my Sunday afternoon last week. They looked so inviting in our friend's hot tub way up on the top of the mountain. I think the mountain air had something to do with the abundance of bubbles. No, I didn't get in the hot tub. Not this time. We had a much higher use for it!
Others gathered to to admire the bubbles

It was quite an attraction! Today, that tub was not for socializing, not for soothing sore, tired muscles, and not for spilling lattes in. Sorry! I had to add that in there! No, on this day that hot tub had the highest privilege known to hot tubs! Water baptisms.

This is my friend from Trinadad! He was raised Catholic. One day, while sitting in a campus library, a guy sat down and talked to him about God. When asked if was ever born again, my friend had to admit that he hadn't been. So right there, in the middle of a busy campus library, these two guys bowed their heads and all of heaven listened. Then all of heaven rejoiced!

Then all of us rejoiced!
This lovely lady belongs to my friend from Trinadad! She was raised in church, but walked away. Oh, she knew the lingo, but she didn't walk the walk. Then, one day, an uncle talked with her about what it means to walk with God. That day, heaven listened. And this lovely lady listened. And heaven rejoiced!
And we rejoiced!

This little guy is being raised in our church! He hasn't had life easy, by any stretch of the imagination. If anyone has excuses, this kid does. But the Word penetrated, Holy Spirit conviction came, and he gave his heart to Jesus one evening in his home as his Mom and heaven listened, and his Mom and heaven rejoiced. What a sweet testimony!
And we rejoiced!
I love this kid! He makes me laugh! He, too was raised in church. But one day he realized that he couldn't ride into heaven on the back of his parent's faith. He came to the knowledge that he needed his own faith, and so, while heaven listened, he reached out and took what Christ had died to give him. And heaven rejoiced!
And we rejoiced!
This is the baptizer! Relaxing in the bubbles. Soothing some tired, achey muscles. And the two with him are his sons, thinking of baptizing him. I believe the plan is to hold him under and read the 119th Psalm.

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