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Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Far Would You Drive For Sunday Lunch?

On Sunday, we were invited to the home of some friends for Sunday lunch. How far would you drive on a Sunday to have lunch with friends? We left happy valley and headed out. It was a nice day for drive. Apparently, one of our friends thought so too because we passed her on the way. (I like to say I have a new hobby, drive by shooting--with a camera of course!)

We started out on Interstate. Then we turned off onto a normal looking road--paved and all. The scenery along the way was beautiful

Eventually, the road changed into this!

Then we saw all sorts of things!

We saw a lot of these!

And these......
Zuckerman sheds, full of organized chaos that house everything from Great Grandpa's cultivator to the newest newborn calf ...

and the valley....well it speaks for itself!

Hay wagons were waiting on the fall hay ride season

Beautiful mountain scenery

Old deserted houses of worship
And other houses of worship still breathing and in the middle of nowhere! (Is there anywhere in this country you can go and not find a Methodist church?)

Family farms still in operation, no thanks to Congress!

No blog is complete without cows, the greatest creatures on earth! They give us amusement, warmth, love, milk and Big Macs! Yum! Hey, they were the original inventors of the idea of organ donation! They've been doing it for years! Have you ever heard of a cow organ that someone, somewhere hasn't tried to eat? I'd say that's giving so that others may live!

Yes, it was a land where people still cling to God and country, and as you will see later.....guns. As one guy put it, "if you come for my guns, you will meet my God." I think that about says it all.

We just kept driving and driving and driving until we came to this sign....and we wondered.......hmmmmm...are we near the end of the earth?

Then the road then looked like this.
I would say not only do they offer no winter maintanence, they offer no maintanence at all!

This was the major intersection at the top of the mountain, commonly known in these parts as a driveway.

Finally we reached our destination at the very top of the mountain. We felt fortunate that our car didn't overheat this time. There's nothing more nerve rattling than driving on a 10 ft. wide piece of road that has a 100 ft. drop off on one side when your car is ding dinging informing you that your engine is about to explode. No place ever looked sweeter than this one!

Pretty soon after arriving, we did what country folk do best, eating and talking and eating some more and talking some more.

Including this yummy looking cookies

There were all sorts of people there, including this farmer with his farmer's tan. Yes, those are organic socks, but he's definetely not a "green farmer." He loves chemicals and he LOVES killing stuff with them! In fact, he is the happiest with a sprayer full of razorburn in his hands. (insert diabolical laughing)

After dinner there were the traditional "country tales" being told....

I don't believe this guy had ever heard them before.

And true to form, this country gentleman took the lead and did what all country folk do after a good meal, no matter who is around or who is taking photos! :-)
As did these ladies!

And we got close to losing the tale teller.

But their naps were short lived because they happened to be sleeping in the same room with these!

And this guy!

The children were a little more polite. They took it outside for some serious swinging.....

Others were busy intruding on everyone else's activities.
Some played soccor, them versus the hill. I wonder who won?

These ladies just spent some time being friendly.
And these guys were busy planning their next safari. LOL!
Those having a need to prove they are men played football.

And what would a day in the mountains be without bullets? This guy has enough lead at his place supply pencils for every school student in the world for their whole academic career!

It was all in all a lovely day. There used to be an advertisement about walking a mile for a camel. But no cigarette could possibly be as enjoyable as a day in the mountains with friends, no matter how far you have to drive to get there. And lunch is included!

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