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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Make Sure You Pray Over Your Food!

Here is something I learned on my trip to Dallas with the youth group.

My Mom always used to tell us, make sure you pray over your food! That never made sense to me until this past week for several reasons. For heaven's sake, we had the FDA! We live in America!

The first time that statement came back to haunt me was while driving in a van with 10 teenagers, the youth pastor and another driver. A man drove by us honking, pointing and waving! I assumed he was referring to the cool window art on the side of the van that said "Texas or Bust!". But because our driver at the time is very cautious, we pulled over just to make sure everything was kosher. We soon discovered that the back door of the U-haul trailer we were pulling was all the way up--you know, the one holding all our luggage, bed rolls and earthly possessions. One suitcase, our drivers, looked to be the next escapee. Well, we hauled all the kids out of their slumber and to the back of the van where were eliminated victims by having them check to make sure that their allotted amounts of luggage were still in the trailer. It was all there! Praise the Lord! I was having visions of having to find a complete wardrobe at Wal-Mart for the week, which would have been a total miracle. My suitcase looked to be the second in line for a dive onto the highway.

However....we did discover that something had escaped and was laying somewhere in Central PA. Our cooler with the watermelon that we had packed for dinner was gone. We were bummed, but some Pollyanna assured the kids that the further south we got, the sweeter the watermelons would be and they all climbed back into the van and went back to sleep.

The second time I learned how important it is to pray over your food is when we walked into the cafeteria at CFNI to eat. You have to have a lot of faith to eat there because you really can't tell what you are eating unless you look at the white board to see what they are calling it. Again Pollyanna chirped in "Well, it's better than what you would get at a Chinese prison." And we all shrugged and dug in.

The last time I thought about praying over my food was the day I went to Wal-Mart and spent $20.00 on junk food. I brought it all back to the room that I was sharing with 4 other girls and put it on the shelf. When they came in from swimming or something, one of them spied it on the shelf and said "Cool! Cashews! Whose are those?" Now I had fully intended to share, but once things got started, it was like a feeding frenzy at the local aquarium. Ripping and tearing sounds drowned out the air conditioner that was only pretending to run as Smart corn, Crunch and Munch, Sun Chips, Cashews, and Gardetto's flew all over the room! Soon, the girls from the next room were in our room--they must have heard the sound of real food packaging--and they were eating it too!

So when you are sitting down to eat, pray over your food and be very thankful! And make sure that you pray for it's protection, preservation, and edibility! It will keep you from finding out what the food at a Chinese prison tastes like.

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