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Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Mother's Day!

On Mother's day I received a promise! And today, the promise was delivered. For Mother's day a few years ago, I received a table and chairs for the patio. I LOVED it! I spent hours on the deck, playing my guitar, reading, playing games with my kids and chatting with friends over ice cream and strawberries. Then one day, the temperature dropped really quickly because of an upcoming storm and BOOM!, the table shattered into a million pieces! Then the next year our deck was struck by lightening. The lightening went through every chair and welded the grill entirely shut! Even the chairs were welded together and had what looked like .22 caliber bullet holes where the lightening entered and the exited. We still used the chairs, but they were weakened and over time and pounds, gradually they bit the dust. I have wanted more furniture for years, but these extras depend on our summer business and last years windfall went into a vehicle.

Today, my hubby made good on this year's Mother's Day promise and took me shopping for patio furniture. I'm thrilled with the furniture, but what blessed my heart even more was watching the kids and my hubby work to put it all together and get it ready to "present" to me!

While they worked on putting it all together, I fixed dinner. Crock Pot meat and potatoes, fresh cantelope, and sweet tea! We had a wonderful time eating outside all together!

I LOVE MY FAMILY! They are so good to me! Now that everything is cleaned up, I think I'll take a book and prop my feet up on my new furniture and read til the sunset distracts me!

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