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Monday, July 6, 2009

Family and Fireworks

After the ballgame, we headed over to a spot on a hill that overlooks the PSU sports complexes to watch the fireworks. Since our little borough has one of the largest, most highly rated, totally volunteer, choreographed fireworks displays in the country, we have to go early. So we pack our dinner and spend some time playing football while waiting on dark to settle in.

This is my oldest son waiting for a throw from his Dad.
And smiling for Mom who always has a camera attached to the front of her face.

This is my youngest daughter, smiling at her Dad, whom she absolutely adores. Can you tell?

This is my youngest who was very patriotic if you count the red scratch, white skin and blue bruise right below his left eye. Looks tough, doesn't he?

Now the defender swore that he did not interfere, but I think he's busted!

But it didn't deter the receiver in any way! He loves it when he shoves it in the face of his older brother!

A good time was had by all. After football, we settled in for Subway subs, chips, cookies and soda. The boys drooled over the latest NRA magazine, the girls walked around visiting others that we only see on July 4th and then grabbed a good book until it got too dark to read.

God surprised us with a fireworks display of His own, but that will have to go on the next entry.

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