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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family and Fireworks-part 2

On thing our family loves to do is eat! Here is our nice little spot we secured to watch the fireworks. The view from where we were was, as usual, beautiful. There is a reason that our valley is called "HAPPY VALLEY."

The sun was reflecting off the clouds in such a way that I just knew that I was going to miss a nice sunset because our view of the location where the sun sets was blocked by trees. I contemplated taking a walk to watch it, but stayed instead to have fun with my family.
This is the famous BEAVER STADIUM, home of the greatest college game day show on earth! When it comes to student sections, we are the Dukies of NCAA football! Our stadium now holds over 100,000 people! It's a once in a lifetime experience to be in a stadium with that many die hard Penn State fans, all yelling at once!
Right across the street from the stadium is the Bryce Jordan Center, home of the NIT Tourney campion Nittany Lions.

As the sun began to set, God decided to give us His own firewoks display and I have to admit, it was better than the one choreographed by men!

It started ever so faintly and grew from there!

Even if the fireworks display would have tanked, as it did one year not too long ago, I don't think that I would have gone home disapointed.

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