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Monday, July 6, 2009


When my kids were toddlers, I was always wary if there was a period of time when all was quiet. It usually meant that they were up to something or into something that they shouldn't be. Like once, I found my 3 year old sitting face to face with my 2 year old with a can of open pears between them. The 3 year old was smashing pear halves on the 2 year old's head and as pear mush dropped off his head onto the floor and pear juice ran in his eyes and mouth, they just teered back and laughed ear splitting delight!

Then I found the 3 year old again applying foreign substances to my 2 year old's head, only this time it was hair removal cream that had fallen from the bathroom closet shelf, unnoticed by the adults. And then there was the day that she brushed his head with toothpaste.....and the day she covered his head in Vaseline.......right before church. (That was the day I discovered that you can't wash Vaseline out, not matter how many head washings you give, so you have to improvise and spike it!)

Tonight at dinner, we noticed that our golden retriever, who takes up all the leg room under the dinner table was missing. Upon investigation, this is what we found. She remained in this position for over an hour!

This is what we found on the other side of the fence.

And every time Zoe, our dog would try to stick her paw through the fence, this is what the bird would do. Who knew such a loud, abrasive squawk could come out of such a little beak! The bird thought our dog was going to feed him. The dog thought that the bird was going to feed her!

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