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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calypso Capers

I am Calypso. Explorer of the vast back yard! Scaling walls of stone, on a great safari, hunting wild game!

Wait a minute. I think hear something! I think I smell something too! Oh Yea! Lock and Load!
I smell a trophy catch!

Yep! I'm pretty sure there's something in here! This is going to require some demolition! Do you think Grandma would mind if I re-design her retaining wall? Afte rall, it's not good to have varmits living in your back yard!

What do you think Zoe? Are you in or out?

I'll be the lookout! Go ahead and get started!

Okay, let's see! I think there's something down there. Wait, I have to get a better look!

Wait, I have to dig a little deeper! Darn this Pennsylvania clay and limestone!
I'm close, I just know it!

Hmmmmm! The smell down here is exquisite! I can smell dinner! Fresh meat!

Wait! I think I see something! Man, it's dark in here! I'm close, I'm close!

Stupid Dogs! If they only knew that I was right behind them getting the whole crime on film!


  1. Hahahaa!!! Love it!! -Emi

  2. She is persistent, she wont stop til she gets what she wants. Even if it's not there. Dumb dog, haha. She loves your backyard.