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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Science has spoken concerning "a"typical pastor's wife

Up until a few days ago, I put no stock in man made tests that are meant to help determine your spiritual attributes. Come on! All the Apostles and Prophets figured it out without a special test! Why can't we?

But a close friend of mine, who also happens to be married to the ministry took one to figure out what 5-fold ministry gift she was. Actually it was a 3-fold ministry gift test between the giftings of apostle, pastor or prophet. As I would have guessed, she tested pastoral.

I have never felt called to 5-fold ministry. I just happen to be married to someone who is. In fact, the one statement I hear more than any other is "you're not a typical Pastor's wife". Friends and acquaintances along the way have tried to ease my troubled mind about my success or lack of it in this arena of pastor's wife. But the nagging thoughts are still there. I even left my friend a message on her Facebook account that read "I would be afraid to take that test for fear of what it would say!"

So, just for fun, I took the test!

This was the next message I left for my friend.

"It figures! I took the 5-fold test and ended up with a picture of a man scratching his head and telling me I need further testing!" No wonder people tell me I'm "atypical". The experts can't even figure me out!

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