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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Right Back At Ya!

I spend a lot of time beating the road in a Ford F250 with a trailor attached, loaded with mowing equipment. Consequently, I have to drive slowly so that the mowers don't jump around and squash one another. It gives me more time to enjoy the beautiful valley that I live in.

The other day, I noticed an oddly shaped object by the side of the road. It appeared to be either a piece of driftwood or a varmint I'm not used to seeing. Anyway, at first glance I determined that it was going to require more effort to actually identify what I was looking at.

I slowed, leaned out the window, and strained my neck up and forward to get a good look. "What an oddly shaped animal", I thought to myself. "I wonder what it is."

Much to my surprise, I came eye to eye with a common groundhog. (I need to get my eyes checked!) He slowed his eating. He too leaned forward and strained his neck up and forward to get a good look at what was, oddly enough, looking at him.

What I'm now wondering is was he saying to himself, "What an oddly shaped animal. I wonder what it is?" I guess I'll never know.

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