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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Checkin' In

I just checked my blog counter. Although I haven't written anything since Ressurection Sunday, people are still checkin' in here at "a"typical Pastor's wife. Frankly, I'm amazed that anyone would take time to read my oft disjointed ramblings but it does help with the feelings of invisibility I've been having lately.

Life has been a zoo!

As some of you know, I am co-owner, reluctantly, of a lawn and turf company. I first signed on to help with "a few" mowing jobs, not 3o-40 a week! And then I agreed to work pretty much full time from April until the end of school to be a "helpmate". Somehow I have ended up with the mowing, the fertilizing, the mulching, the bookkeeping, and the secretary/receptionist/bill collector. The only thing I don't do is plan what to do--I see a conspiracy at work here! Could it be that helpmate and slavemate have somehow been confused in the mind of my boss/husband/coworker? Bless his heart, he's working more jobs that I am. He rises earlier, to go to job #2. While at job #2, he does job #1--no, he's not cheating anyone. He gets paid to sit. Then he comes to job #3 (the lawns), stays awhile and then leaves to go back to job #2 and subsequently job #1. Then he returns to job #3 and when he's done that, he then works at job #1. I know, I'm just as confused as you are!

My typical day requires rising at 6:45. I then fix breakfast and start dinner. After getting my boys off to school, I attend to my homeschooler's previous day's work and assign her work for the present day. I then finish dinner, throw in a load of laundry, and try to clean something, usually the thing that is looking or smelling the worst. About that time, my hubby arrives home from job #2. I fix him breakfast unless he agrees to wine and dine me with a romantic breakfast burrito from Sheetz. Then we hit the yards.

Around lunch, he leaves to go back to job #2 and I remain behind to keep working. At about 2:30 pm, I call it a day and head for the shower only to emerge, miraculously changed into "the piano teacher". I leave the house and travel to my lessons, leaving the oven set to turn on and cook dinner so that when I get home, I can feed my family before the evening activities begin. I dare not stop, I dare not sit too long because I have found that I will be frozen in the position for the rest of the evening. (The family that I gave two lessons to did not appreciate having to help me back up the stairs and into my car!) Every evening is special in that it is almost always has a tylenol moment, without which I cannot fall asleep! I'm not getting any younger you know!

However, never to fear! Life on the tractor has been good to me, except that my ipod is drained and needs recharging! After several days of good sermons, soothing music, and several books of the New Testament, I have about 4 drafts sitting in my draft box. Several on my "ruminations", (that's ex-dairy farmer language for thoughts coined by my husband's somewhat twisted interest in bovine nutrition) on Phil 3:14. And there's a photo essay coming on the coming of age (13) of my youngest child. My baby is now officially a teenager!
And yes, there is a non-sensical observation that I made of a ground hog as I drove down the road! No! It wasn't Punxatawney Phil!! He would have waved!

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  1. Ooh how excited I was to see a new post hee hee...Whew the breakdown of your day sure is very busy! Tis the season? Thank you for updating!!