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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

O Happy Day!

As some of you know, Saturday was my last birthday! (No, I'm not dying. I just turned 49 and decided that I've had enough birthdays.) And what a day I had! It was not quite a perfect day, but it was close! (The only bad part was cleaning up the trash that my Husky (granddaughter) got into the night before!)

Some highlights:
Breakfast at McDonald's with my hubby!
Shopping with the kids because I didn't have to do anything else at home! Yea!
A cake decorated with lots of love and way too many candles!!!
Time with family. All my children and my adopted son as well!
Steak, baked potatoes, Normandy veggies.
Ice cream pie, cookies, a shopping card to the mall, a 16 gig storage stick for my photos on the computer (yes Naomi--that's 4000 photos--aren't you happy for me?), a new vacuum (normally I would say gifts with a cord are unacceptable for a birthday celebration but I was desperate! So it was a good call! And a very nice vacuum, I might add!), a designer cow magnet made from cinnamon and applesauce (my daughter ate my last one as a toddler and I've always missed it), new furry gloves to keep my piano hands warm, a designer card by Tiffy, a very large, fattening cheese cake from my secret sister (I'd invite you over to eat some, but then you wouldn't be a secret anymore--sorry!), and a watch that is reminding me that I have music lessons in half an hour.

And the cards, and the cards, and the cards!!! I love cards! And my friends and family were good to me. I had many laughs and tears of joy as sentiments were expressed!

What meant the most to me was all the extra time and trouble that people went to just to make the day special for me. I felt so loved, so appreciated, so blessed! Y'ALL ARE THE BEST!

A special "you're the best" to my totally computer illiterate hubby who actually went into a computer store and took a chance on a computer part. That was truly an act of faith and sign of your undying love for me! He then stretched his faith a little further by attempting to cook dinner because I wasn't up for Uncle Chen's--our favorite take out. Between him, my adopted son and my daughter, the house didn't burn down and dinner was delicious!

So since my birthday was so wonderful this year, I just can't let it be my last one. I mean they will have to top this one next year, right? So here's fair warning-- I WILL be turning 50 next year, so don't strike me from the gift list! :-)


  1. Oh goodness I'm sorry this is late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYNDI!! What a great day!


  2. where did you get that 16 gig storage stick? I could only find an 8 gig and it's not big enough!