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Monday, March 9, 2009

Guardrails-- (Sunday Sermon Monday)

We've all watched the movies of young teens, or women in a mid life crisis, or men in a mid life crisis, sitting on top of their seats in a convertible that is screaming down a long, flat, broad road, singing "Born To Be Wild......born to be wild.....born to be wild"..at the top of their lungs. How reflective of the American spirit. At it's root, the American spirit is independent and rebellious. We were 100 years ahead of our time in declaring independence from the powers that be. Many other nations were not self governing until the mid 1900's.

Unfortunately that rebellious, independent spirit has found its way into the Church and we see a rebellion against the powers that be in Biblical Doctrine. Part of this is our insatiable desire for something "new." If we do not have something to pique our interest that is new, exciting, bigger, better, faster....then we get bored. Unfortunately, we have accepted this as "the American Way." And while America is open to change according to the will of the people, God is not. God does not govern over a democracy. God's kingdom is a theocracy. It's His way or the highway. God's kingdom does not need to change, it was set up in perfection from the beginning.

A familiar saying in America is that "laws were made to be broken." That is just another indicator of our rebellious nature. But God's laws were made to be kept and they are for our benefit. Sound Biblical doctrine is the same as it was when it was delivered by Christ to the disciples and to Paul, who then passed it down to Timothy and Titus, who then delivered it to their spiritual children and so it has remained AND REMAINS TODAY the only real truth and standard by which we, as Christians, should conduct our lives and conduct. In lieu of some confusing teachings that we see on Christian t.v. that are trying to alter sound Biblical doctrine, Pastor took a "doctrinal Sunday" and taught us again on the doctrine of Biblical salvation, but he also spent some time explaining what Biblical doctrine is and why it's so important. That is what I am posting today. It's not his whole sermon, but it is the part that you haven't read.

Jude 3-4
"Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once and for all delivered to the saints. For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungoldly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ."
There is a distaste of good doctrine in America. Doctrine simply means "teachings". Flesh becomes bored with the same old, same old. Our spirit should never get tired of Jesus and the doctrine of salvation.

Intellect also grows bored with much repetition. The Bible has limited information. People reading it with their intellect grow "bored" with it. The Mormons got so bored with it, they wrote another book--a sequel!

The function of the Biblical doctrine of the Bible is to act as a guardrail. If you took a cross section of a road you would see that there is the road in the middle, but on either side there is a ditch. God uses Biblical doctrine guardrails to keep us on the road and out of the ditches. Those ditches on either side of the road are the too extremes that intellect can take Biblical doctrine. In one ditch, there is legalism. In the other Antinomianism, which simply means "against or opposed to the law."

Since I do not have the know-how of drawing on this blog, I will do my best to compare them without the wonderful diagram that Pastor drew for us.

Legalism is law minded. It is works, but without faith. Legalists believe in prayer. They do good works in order to be saved. All of us know legalists. They say things like, "I'm just doing the best I know how and God certainly wouldn't keep me out of heaven. He sees that I'm doing the most and best that I can."

Antinomianism (AntiNom for purposes of saving my fingers)
Antinomianism is grace minded. It is faith, without works. Antinoms just "are". They sit around waiting to be "moved" before doing anything! It all sounds so spiritual, but it fosters laziness and licentiousness in those who practice it as we saw in the former scriptures.

Paul told Timothy in 1 Tim 4:15-16 to "take pains with these things, be absorbed in them....pay close attention to your teaching; persevere in these things;.... for as you do this you will insure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you." What things was he referring to? "The faith once and for all delivered to the saints" of Jude 3.

Attributes of Antinomianism

1. They deal strictly with faith and deny works
2. They have a "lust for knowledge" that "puffs up", so they are arrogant in their theology and demeanor.
3. Because of the suppression of the Biblical definition of "good works", they are often caught in habitual types of sins that they cannot get victory over and as we discovered from my earlier blog, they are stuck at justificaton by faith, which we will discuss further in a little bit.
4. They ignore large parts of scripture that speak of the works commanded, prepared, and accomplished by believers, the Holy Spirit, and God Himself.

In 1 Tim 4:1, Paul warns Timothy that "in later times, some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons...." Antinom is a doctrine of demons. It lends itself to just "being" and not doing anything. But scripture explicitly states that unbelievers and believers will be judged according to their works!!!!! James said there cannot be faith without works. If there are no works, there is no faith!

The antinom also confuses guilt and condemnation. Condemnation is a final declaration. There is no hope left for something that has been condemned. Guilt, on the other hand is the healthy product of the conscience. Guilt is the red flag that tells us that we are in need of forgiveness and drives us to the throne of mercy and grace in the time of need.

Paul further states in 1 Tim 4:6 that we are to be "constantly nourished on the words of the fatih and of the sound doctrine which they had been following." Sound doctrine, simply put, is pure teaching. We see in reading the rest of this chapter that we can slide away from this pure teaching and lose our salvation.

Antimons claim to have "secret knowledge" or the only anointing to teach doctrine. They often will say they have doctrine that was "lost". Anytime someone has "exclusive" teaching, RUN! They are a kook!

Antinoms have desires, lusts, and things they want to do that conflict with the instructions of scripture, so they change the Bible to include their lusts and desires. For instance, lately there has been teaching on national t.v. that says you can be a drunk, a thief, or a pervert and still be a Christian. But of course, you cannot be a murderer or a rapist and be a Christian, even though these are all listed together in the same lists of people who will NOT inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Their "Poster Verse" for this is of course Romans 7:14-15 where, on the surface it appears that Paul is saying that he is in bondage to sin. They ere in several respects.

First, they are ignorant of the writing style of the Apostle Paul. The Apostle Paul often wrote with much sarcasm and rhetorical style, so to say that Paul was sinning while a Christian is a gross misinterpretation of this verse.

Secondly, if Paul is saying that he was in sin as a Christian, then all of his other writings are false. Since the Bible cannot contradict itself, then the antinoms interpretation of Rom. 7 cannot be true.

Charles Finney spoke of the antinoms and the legalist when he said, "the antinomian wants for God to produce feelings to works. The legalist wants to work to feel good. The Believer works because it is good and pleasing to God."

Lastly, the antinom confuses imputation and impartation. He says that at justification, righteousness is imputed and imparted. That is only half true. Yes, righteousness is imputed at justification, in fact, in the Greek, Hebrew and the Latin, justification and righteousness are the exact same word. But imputation is not impartation. We have a two fold problem. We have sins that have been committed that need forgiven. That is what happens at justification. It is a declarative act. We are declared righteouss, but we are not made righteous.

Justification is the remission of the penalty that has been put on Jesus. It restores us to favor, it acquits us of wrong doing and puts us in favorable standing with the law. It's as if our sentence has been served, and it was, but by Christ. It imputes Christ's righteousness to our account. Our sins are pardoned and we are restored to God's favor, BUT WE ARE NOT YET RIGHTEOUS IN OURSELVES!

The second part of our two fold problem is that being pardoned does not change who and what we are! We are still criminals and there is absolutely nothing that will keep us from going back out and doing the same thing again and again. There must be a change of our nature in order for us to not commit those same sins again. That is where the second part of the two fold solution comes into play. We not only need a change of position, but we need a change of condition which in turn brings forth a change of action! This is where the antinom leaves us. He stays at justification because he has not experienced the new birth that changes his nature and gives him victory over sin. So he stays at justification where he can sin, confess, sin, confess and still be a Christian. We cannot have communion with God until we are "BORN" of Him!!! But the antinom has to create this false peace to ease his conscience, which eventually does become seared as scripture warns and they are lost. The very, very sad part about this is that they will not realize their error until it is too late. They will live their whole lives thinking they are Christian and then end up in damnation.

Pastor then reviewed some of what he taught Wednesday night which I will not repeat. You can read previous blog for that, if you're interested. I understand that this is not easy reading, but it is necessary. So many of us deal with people professing Christianity that are not Christian. This will help us to understand where they are and hopefully help them get where they need to be. It will help us to know what to say and how to explain to them "true salvation". It will help us increase the kingdom of God, and not just church attendance. Leonard Ravenhill said that "we can grow the church and not increase the kingdom of God". The antinomian teachings that we see on t.v.--hyper righteousness teaching, as we have named it is prevalent and we must be on guard and defend the faith. It is imperative to the souls of mankind!

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