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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Time is Now--Last Sunday's Sermon

John 4:30-38

People are going to hell now! We can't be preparing to do the gospel, we must be doing it now!!

Jesus had: 1. a divine passion

Passions get you up in the morning and keep you up at night. They cannot be derailed by other things. Passions have a special energy about them. They are not duty. Duty is tiresome. Passions drove Jesus to the point of forgetting to eat. His love for the Father drove Him.

His passion caused a submissiveness and surrender to the Lord. His spirit was more important to Him than His body. He was motivated by the Father's will.

Jesus had: 2. a divine urgency

The time is now! we must be winning the lost. They don't time! The harvest is ready. We need a spiritual revelation of the lostness of humanity, not a mental knowledge. Seeing is very important in gospel work.

We can witness suffering in a photograph and it may move us momentarily, but when amongst suffering in person, it leaves a lasting impression.

Jn. 20:5-8 Seeing makes all the difference.
v. 1,5--seeing is translated to see with open eyes, it's just normal seeing
v. 6--the word used for seeing is to observe AND perceive
v.8--the word used for seeing is to notice and experience the thing. A mental and spiritual seeing.

We need a mental and spiritual seeing and perception of the lostness of humanity. Only this generation can reach this generation.

Jesus had 3. a divine work
Soul winning is a divine work. Some sow, some water, some reap, but the increase is all God's. We must work together. We are like a bucket brigade. It takes teamwork for a bucket brigade to be effective. It takes humility to be part of a bucket brigade. There is a division in work, one gets from the source, others pass along the bucket, one actually puts out the fire, but the reward is shared alike amongst all those that worked. God's first priority now is evangelization. Secondly is the reign of Christ and His followers. Too many people are focusing in on the reigning, which is slowing the return of Christ to reign. We need to be about the Father's business, His first priority and that is saving souls.

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