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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday Sermon Tuesday--From the Pastor's Heart

Sorry this is a day late.

Sunday our Pastor ditched the sermon and just spoke from his heart! He has been talking about the supreme mission of the church--saving souls. He has been sharing for years his views on the way America does missions and how he feels that it needs a drastic change and upgrade to be functional and effective in the world that we live in. I would venture to say that in the last three weeks, he has kicked over a whole herd of sacred cows. The most memorable thing he said on Sunday was this:

"If the church was a business, and our product was souls, we would be out of business."

He is challenging our thinking and our lifestyles. He is making us answer the question as to why we were put in a position of so much blessing when the rest of the world suffers so? He is telling us that "the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." He is exposing our apathy, our coldness for souls, our selfishness, our lifestyle luxuries, our willful blindness to the rest of the world and our deadness in really understanding and having the heart of God for the lost. He is explaining why some things are the way they are in our body. He is forcing us to take a good, long look inward and outward at our lifestyles and motives! He is moving us to action, to change, to the heart of the matter! Ouch! It hurts!

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  1. My mom always said if it hurts that means it's working =D I know that you are right about us needing God's heart for the lost, which is something we need to pray about. Ray Comfort and Mark Cahill seemed to have caught a glimpse of God's heart for the lost. I am thinking of re-reading some of their wisdom and advice too