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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bubbinator's Birthday #14

On February 24, 1995 Colin Andrew Egolf was born. I fell instantly in love. Can you tell why?

He came to be known as "Bubby", a fitting name for a 10lb. 3oz. wonder. His sister couldn't say "baby", so she called him "Bubby" which turned into "Baby Bubby", and the name stuck. Through the years, I've asked if he wants to be called something else, but he has found his identity in his nickname, even though his teachers at school think it a far too juvenile name for a middle schooler. But I feel it's none of their business so he has my permission to ignore them when they insist on calling him Colin. Shhhh....don't tell them!

As you can see, he was quite fascinated as a child with cowboys and the law. He was, and is all boy! That smile can light a room faster than GE and he is still a joy to us even as a teen.

Through the years he grew and became quite athletic, loving baseball most of all. It's true, he's not the biggest one on the team, but he carries a big stick, which earned him the nickname, THE BUBBINATOR! When he hits a long ball I stand up and yell "The Bubbinator" as loud as I can and this is what he does. The mothers at the ball field are insanely jealous that he acknowledges me from the field and that he likes it when I yell!

Now he's 14! But as you can see, still just as sweet as ever. Below is the cake he decorated. A later Egolf tradition--let the kids decorate their own cakes! It's easier and they love it! Isn't that what birthdays are all about?

He loves his birthday, as you can. He gets quite excited!

Even though I miss those days of rocking my little cowboy to sleep, I am blessed because he is still just as cuddly (almost) as he was when he was a baby. He has listened to me as I have taught him that he's never too old to hug his Mom. He's an obedient boy! :-) Soon he will have a growth spurt and become a man and a fine one at that. He's kind, except to his siblings, compassionate, in a quiet sort of way, friendly, and has a unique sense of humor that keeps us either falling over laughing or wanting to strangle him. We love him very much and are proud that he's our son!

Happy Birthday Bubster! We love you!


  1. what a sweet post:) My ds decorated his b-day cake this year too. I like that it's a tradition at your house...very neat!

  2. Happy Birthday Bubbinator!!
    ps: Colin is very nice name too!!