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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why Am I Up?

It's late...................and I'm up! I have to have the kids somewhere tomorrow morning by 7am......and I'm up! 7am on a Saturday is almost sinful! It's the youth leader's fault.

Today has been semi productive. I baked muffins for the kids for breakfast, making sure to bake enough for tomorrow morning too, but as usual, someone ate them, even after I was very specific about the muffins on the plate covered with plastic! So I guess they'll eat cereal.

I cleaned my youngest's room. Now for those that know him, you know that is no small task! The kid has never seen a worthless piece of trash he didn't like! We went through every box, drawer, folder and notebook. Thankfully he hung with me. It was like Christmas to him, finding all those things he knew he had, but having no idea where they were. It was a nightmare for me as I tried to find a place for all those "treasures" without leaving his room looking as messy as when we started. Of course, that would be impossible since we toted four 30 gallon garbage bags full of "stuff" to the dumpster. I must return to my " gallon a day" cleaning strategy. Once a month, I hand him a 30 gallon bag and say "fill er up, and don't come out of your room until it's done." I must say though, it was an education into the weird thought processes of a 12 year old. He talked my ears off about every single thing we touched, giving me the full history and why he wanted to either keep it or trash it. The only thing that would have made it more surreal would have been if the Hampster Dance was playing in the background.

Yesterday I fasted. As I do at the beginning of every year, I spend a concentrated amount of time praying through the verses dealing with humility found in scripture. I don't think God can do anything with us if we are not humble. It is our nature to be proud and pride can masquerade even as something spiritual, at least in me it can. So I pray, "Lord, make me humble."

Today He answered! As a Pastor's appreciation gift, the church people are remodeling our bathroom. One of them came to paint today. I was standing by talking to her and the paint can jumped off the toilet and spilled right down the leg of my new Adidas sweats and all over my new sneakers! The only thing I could do was strip down right there and put the pants, dripping with paint, into the sink. She couldn't leave either because there was paint everywhere. It was all over her, the toilet, the tile, the vanity and the floor! What a sight that must have been! A woman in a bathroom painting, with the door closed, with her Pastor's wife who happens to be in her underwear! No, it's not a new counseling technique and yes, I am considering recanting all those prayers I have been praying about humility. I really don't like the way He's answering them. Thank goodness it was someone that I love and trust! And yes, it could be included on my list of most embarrassing moments.

Then there was the hurry up dinner. I had planned to get to the grocery store today because we have very little in the cupboards right now. But I didn't make it due to the room cleaning extravaganza. So it was off to Wal-Mart for some precooked chicken, a bag of veggies for the microwave and some tator tots. Thank goodness we can eat anything if it's covered in cheese sauce.

Which leads to why I am up. After dinner, we went out with friends. It's a rare treat and I celebrated by drinking soda with caffeine. And so..............I'm wide awake!!! I had to quit looking for ring tones on line because I was keeping my son awake, so now I'm blogging, rather, I'm blabbing on and on about nothing important or of value. I'm sure that after reading this, you are ready for bed......if I haven't put you to sleep already.

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