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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Wonderful People of PA Farm Show

Welcome to the third and final installment of the PA Farm Show 2009! You might be asking, "what's the big deal?"

Now just in case y'all think that this event is small potatoes, let me prove to you that this is a very popular event!!! All 24 acres of it was this packed with people of every race, background, persuasion, and creed!

This young lady was exercising her horse. There was a rodeo that evening, so excitement ran high. She was probably a barrel racer. I'm not sure we've progressed to women bull riders yet!

One thing I really like about farm folks is that they can be at home just about anywhere as long as they have family, friends, and their animals along. These kids were obviously seasoned farm show participants and took pride in how their "stall" looked for the the 2 weeks that they were there.

This particular group of kids seemed to show up in my camera lens quite a bit. They are a group of homeschoolers that happen to be in our youth group, which was the occasion for our trip. My daughter is the blond on the far right and my sons are in the green sweatshirt and red hoodie that has his back to you. As you will see, many of them chose to eat their way through the farm show, including my friend and fellow Mom. Of course, she eats her way through amusement parks too. I'm beginning to see a pattern here. She is also the infamous painter that I had the bathroom experience with! Doreen! You're famous!

All the eats were made from PA products and all proceeds went to support research for agriculture. I enjoyed deep fried mushrooms, deep fried cauliflower, zucchini, and onion rings. Are you seeing a pattern here? I passed on the deep fried mozzarella blocks, although I must admit they looked awful tasty!

This little darling packed her lunch. She was one of the exhibitors. Her cows had quite a few ribbons hanging from their stalls.

There were also some little "Deeres" wandering through the complex. I tried to catch this little fella with his toy John Deere tractor, but he was more interested in shoving it in a soda machine than having his photo taken. A little bit shy, just like the farm boy I married 27 years ago. I barely got this shot!

The farm show is a PA tradition and many consider it one of the most exciting events of the year. These two old guys who were taking an ice cream break are an excellent example of the tradition and cohesiveness of the PA farming community that spans an entire lifetime.

Now these three handsome young men just happened to be familiar to me. My sons are center and right. Don't they look thrilled to have their photos taken?

I was surprised to find this fella at the farm show. He looks a little cheesy to me! HA!

Like they say, "there's always a clown at every party!"

This is typical early afternoon activity for any dairy farmer.

Now this guy was a sweetie! You can tell from this photo how much he loved his little girl. But let me tell you, the feeling was mutual. He is the apple of her eye as well. How cute!

Among the crowds, there were a few dreamers as well. Can you guess what this guy is dreaming of becoming?

For some, buying lunch was not an option, so they would just stop and drop for a picnic wherever they could find a few square feet of space.

Just in case you think that farm kids have no sense of style, these ladies are modeling the latest in rodeo fashions for you.

This little one was too little to ride the real horses, but the merry-go-round suited her just fine.

This little one was thrilled beyond belief with her ride!

I thought that some of the chickens were the weirdest looking things at the farm show, until I came across this group of strange looking teens. Another characteristic of farming folk--self confidence!

This one is mine enjoying her free sample of rich and creamy ice cream!
Truly she doesn't need ice cream! She's sweet enough already!

Doreen, you shouldn't be talking to cheesy people in public without your husband!
I don't care that he told you he's from Wisconsin! You can't believe everything you hear!

Another one of my favorite teens! What size batteries does her hair take?

"I wonder where that ice cream went? I couldn't have eaten it all already!!!!!

The veteran farmer of the group, if you don't count the adults. She got us in "the back way" so that we didn't freeze our hinder parts in running from the parking lot to the front door! Thanks Abby!

Some little ones taking advantage of some diversionary play time. Really this corn box was here for their parents who were sitting on benches watching them play and wishing that they had some of their energy and had worn better shoes!

If you are free next January and would like to take a trip to my fair state, you might want to consider stoppin in! It's sure to be a good time around great folk!

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  1. This looks so fun! The imaginery ice cream pic was hilarious..those little ice creams looked really good, small enough not to feel guilty about ha haaha..these are great, pics are so clear and nice!