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Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Best Friend

I have a dog. Her name is Zoe. She is named "Zoe" because it is a Greek word meaning "life". And she has certainly lived up to her name. She has brought "life" to our family. Ten years ago this March, our family was involved in a very devastating car accident that left 3 of our four children in critical condition, two at a .5 on an 8 point scale that determines brain life. My children lived and have recovered wonderfully, but along the way one of the bumps in the road was the fact that my daughter's brain now runs 4-5 years behind her physical age. The tweener years seemed especially tough. Girls at that age are mean, unpredictable, and weird to each other, especially when they find that someone their age is just a little different than they are. One day they were her friend, the next day they were screaming "I hate you", "retard", "dummy", etc. This was very hard for my daughter and heart crushing for me. My daughter was working so hard, being so brave, and facing up to her challenges with herculean size strength and veracity. As I prayed and ask God for help, I heard a clear directive "buy her a dog." "huh?" "A dog?"

"Yes, a dog will love her everyday, no matter what. She will always have a true and loyal friend." So we shopped around, found a good breeder and bought her a golden retriever puppy. That is how Zoe came to be "the baby" of our family. You know, there are some days that I feel like that struggling little girl and Zoe always comes and lays her head on my lap, snoots my hand so that I'll quit thinking about myself and rub her belly, or she will stick that fuzzy tail up in the air and beg me for a walk or some play. She is truly our best friend.

Here she is at 3 weeks old when we traveled a couple hours south to pick her out of the litter.

Zoe and I hit if off right away! We both love to knit!

She soon learned that the promise to keep the puppy off the couch rule was just a pipe dream and often made it her favorite sleeping spot.

At first, she used my son as pillow. Now, it's the other way around! They can lay for hours on the floor and as long as he's sleeping, she will not move.

She goes everywhere with the kids, including sledding! She won't ride down with them, but she chases and races and cuts them off so that they will crash. She sees to it that they get plenty of exercise. As you can see, they get a real kick out watching her weave and bob in front of the sled.......

She even sees to it that they stay properly dressed in the winter time!

And the kids sneak a hug whenever they can.

Of course, she keeps us abreast of every cat, bunny and visitor to our property, humbles our daughter's rather energetic husky pup, takes my husband for a much needed walk every night, and keeps my spot warm so that when I crawl into bed at night, it's toasty and I don't have to lay real still until the sheets warm up.

Zoe is rather shy, doesn't like having her photo taken. She's humble that way.

But to us, she is the most noble of her breed!

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