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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The "Farmy" Part of the PA Farmshow

Welcome back to the sights and smells of the PA Farm Show. Today we will visit the "farmier" part of the complex! Watch your step!!! You never know what you might encounter as we weave our way through the barns!

I found it a little hard to get photos in this fellow's neck of the woods. This was the only fellow that wasn't "too chicken" to pose for me!

Now they just don't get any sweeter than this little cutie. And yes, she felt as soft and velvetty as she looked. It was "show time" for her, so she had just had a bath and is sportin a brand new haircut!

And this year's hottest new hairstyle just happens to be Mohawk!!

All haircuts were meticulously created by trained professionals to produce a hairstyle that perfects the shape of the face, back and everything in between!
Talk about a total body makeover!

Disclaimer: No animals were injured in the making of this photo!

Some just didn't care for the whole haircut idea. When I asked this fellow what he thought about getting his hair sheared, his response to me was "Blaaaaaah!"

These two had just finished getting sheared and were busy consoling each

Now this little number was anything but shy. Funny. You would think someone with no ears would kind of want to stay out of the spotlight! Freak!!

I know there were pigs there somewhere. I smelled them but never happened to find my way into their area. My camera died by the time I got to the bunnies. Bummer! But I think you get the idea! All the horsin' around photos have people attached to them, so you'll get to see them tomorrow! Thanks for stoppin in!

Next Blog: The most interesting thing about the Farm Show--the people--some of which happen to be my most favorite people in the world!

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