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Saturday, November 1, 2008


I found this article on revival and thought it very good! Hope it informs, blesses and inspires you! Revival or BUST! My comments in bold italic.

You Can Transform Your Nation (Yes, we can, Yes we can! I hope Barak Obummer doesn't mind me stealing his slogan!)

Are you desperate for your nation to be transformed by revival? Jill Austin, founder of Master Potter Ministries, says that Christians should stop waiting for the next big festival to spark a revival in their cities. Every Christian has the power to ignite a revolution in his town when he pursues a personal revival in his heart. Amen!

Revival is not born out of mass movements but out of a series of solitary decisions. This bears repeating over and over again until we get it! God will respond to the prayers of one person!

Over the last several years, I have traveled to more churches and nations than I can count. Many have gathered together and called others to pray, fast and walk in unity [with them]. First, the meetings are packed by the mounting momentum of trying out new ideas. Then, slowly, the meetings dwindle down; one or two intercessors are the sole watchmen left on the wall. The faithful few glumly look around at the empty rows of chairs.

We get discouraged when we don't see others manifesting the same enthusiasm for revival that we have. We worry, “How can our city be transformed unless the pastor of that major church is involved and all the meetings are filled?” But I tell you, beloved, God is not focused on the empty chairs! Rather, He is focused on the chairs that are filled! You are there. He has drawn you there. He is going to begin His work with you.

Revival starts today.
Revival starts with you.

He has hand-chosen you, before the foundations of the world, to embark on a journey into the fullness of your destiny. Do you want to be His voice rather than man's echo? If so, will you return to Him as your first love? Remember, God must first set our hearts ablaze with radical passion for Jesus. Intimacy is what ignites revolution. Is the presence of the living God fully taking up residence in your heart? If that has not happened, then why are you expecting that to happen in some kind of public meeting? Revival starts with you! Personal transformation must precede city transformation. Let a revolution begin today—and may it begin with you!

All I can say is WoW!

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