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Monday, November 3, 2008

Dentist Office Doctrine

I recently received a new tooth and it reminded me of an old spiritual lesson. I had a crack in the enamel of one of my molars. Because it was filled, the dentist couldn't tell if it was cracked all the way through or just on the outside. I had two choices. Either let him drill it out and risk a re-filling, a crown, or losing the tooth altogether or let it go and wait to see if it caused me any trouble in the future. I, of course, chose the latter because I am a weeny when it comes to the dentist!

Well, over the last two weeks I had noticed that it was starting to show signs of trouble. I got the dental floss pick totally stuck inbetween that tooth and my back molar and I thought for sure that I would pull both of them out trying to remove it! Then I started to have those shooting pains through my jaw if I bit down the wrong way on the tooth. Eventually, I couldn't even chew something as soft as gum without some discomfort so I faced the inevitable conclusion that something had to be done.

But, as is my MO, on the Saturday before the Monday I was going to call the dentist, the whole back of my tooth just fell out. Fortunately, the filling stayed in so my nerve was not exposed and it was only mildly uncomfortable.

On Monday, I went to the dentist and found out that it had broken off below the gum, which normally would require a crown. But the dentist decided that he could use filling material and build me a new one which would be easier, cheaper and just as effective.

So I am now the proud owner of a rebuilt tooth. The front is still my original tooth, but the back is made of some kind of man made material. The best thing about it is that the ugly silver filling is gone and the tooth looks perfect and white!

To me it was a reminder of what God does with us. We are flawed, cracked pots which are useless to the Lord and causing pain to those around us. But somehow, He decided to redeem us anyway. So he drills out all the ugly sin, fills us with Himself, washes us white and clean, and re-makes us to have the potential for perfection, just as He originally created us. Instead of causing pain to others, we now are a source of blessing. We are totally different, but yet, still recognizable. Yes, we still have the same shape-unfortunately for some of us, some of the old creation hanging around that we will lose only when our salvation is complete at the rapture or death, but for all intents and purposes, we are brand new in all the ways that count, just like my tooth! And as is the case with the dentist, it wasn't easy, it wasn't cheap, but it was effective and well worth letting him do it!

It never ceases to amaze me how and where God can speak!

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