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Monday, October 20, 2008

No Peas in the Potpie, please!

It was my oldest son's birthday. The menu that night was his choice. When I asked him what he wanted, he said "the usual, but please Mom, no peas in the potpie!” His favorite food is what we call "slippery potpie". I make it every year for his birthday--big chunks of chicken, potatoes, and thick gummy egg noodle squares, made from scratch. It's delicious!

Now, usually I make it with carrots and peas because I'm a good Mom and I will do anything to make sure my family gets their vegetables every day. It just didn’t make sense to me to fix pot pie without the vegetables. It's like asking for an orange without vitamin C, eating a banana without the potassium,or drinking a milkshake without the vitamin D! Only a child would ask such a thing, and only a very negligent parent would grant such a request!

But yet, we often ask the same thing of God! "I want all the good things you have to offer God, all the blessings, but please hold the correction, hold the exhortation, and hold that spotlight of the Holy Spirit shining in my heart, because He might notice that I am weak and in need of vegetables!"

Why is it that we view the corrections of God like children regard peas in potpie? We know that we need them, that they are necessary for healthy maturation, and that without them, we will grow weak and sickly. Yet, we choose to ask only for and receive the things we desire from God, like He's some kind of celestial Santa Claus whose only interest is blessing me and making my life better!

Of course, it is God’s interest to bless us and give a better life, but He knows that the only way that can happen is if we live according to his commands and eat from His table. So if I desire to avoid stunting my growth, spiritually speaking, I must receive all of God’s Word, peas and all!

I’ve noticed that my kids sometimes reject something before they even taste it because they don’t like the way it looks on the plate. When some Christians hear words like repentance or fear of the Lord, or discipline of the Lord, we turn up our noses at it and pass it on by while we remind God about all the good things we want Him to provide.

Sometimes God will give us something in an unattractive package. Sometimes His correction comes from a messenger or in a way that we don’t find particularly palatable. But if we will “eat what is set before us” from the table that God spreads for us daily, we will grow into spiritual maturity. Jesus died so that we could have it all, health, blessing, and spirituality. His death and resurrection makes it possible to live above the world, conquer temptation, and reside in peace and joy. So the next time you belly up to the Lord’s table, eat of all that He has set there for you and eat it with joy, including the peas!

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