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Friday, October 17, 2008

I Found the Perfect Christmas Gift for the Whole Family!

I have found the perfect Christmas gift for the whole family! It is practical, not too expensive-only $9.00, and it keeps on giving long after the Christmas season! I don't usually fall for every gimmick and gadget that comes down the pike, but when I find one with so much potential, I just have to tell my friends about it.

This product is a marriage saver--can help restore the romance back to a relationship and tranquility back to a household. It abolishes the need to walk away from family members in public places, falsely accuse your dog for no reason, sleep with the covers over your face, and would greatly reduce the amount of times you have to drive in the dead of winter with the car windows down. And what's even better is that Al Gore would wholeheartedly endorse this "green" product for it's ability to protect the ozone layer.

It will get rid of the need to look at your schedule before planning your menu, allow you to serve whatever you want to on college game days to your hubby and his friends without having to grab your children and go to the mall as soon as lunch has been served, greatly reduce the number of fire extinquishers you have to have in your house, reduce the frequency of buying air purifier filters, save on candles, lessen the amount of spot brushing you have on laundry day and the best part--THEY'RE DISPOSABLE!

What is this amazing product?????

From the makers of underarm dress shields comes "Subtlebutt", disposable gas neutralizers. No Kidding!! This is for real! They have "discreet antimicrobial carbon technology", and you adhere them to your underwear to absorb smells. No kidding! I heard it advertised! And although it "cracks me up", I have to say that I am seriously considering purchasing several boxes for those in my family of the male gender.

According to the product information you "peel off adhesive and stick Subtle Butt onto the inside of your underwear or pants, exactly where you think it goes. You want all the gas to pass through Subtle Butt, so do what you need to doto ensure none sneaks around the edges"

And thong wearers needn't despair! "Subtle Butt can be applied to thongs by wrapping and securing it around the back."

So go for it, Let'er rip, Have at it, Cut loose, Break wind, Gas it up
When you're done wearing Subtle Butt, remove and discard.

If any adhesive traces remain, use a damp cloth for removal.


  1. AGhghghg!! TOO funny...this is a perfect gift LOL!!! I always tell dh he's got a string attached to his backside even if he lets one in another room it stays attached and follows!...This IS the remedy!..You bust me Cyndi. Thanks for making me laugh hard today!


  2. This is certainly something everyone could use - whether they chose to or not is a different story altogether. Too Funny!